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The Silent Women

Unveiling Her True Essence

By Moon GhoshPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Silent Women
Photo by Louis Galvez on Unsplash

In the midst of a dynamic crowd that radiated multiple shades and was brimming with noisy talks, a beautiful young woman was brilliantly blending in with the people, yet still managing to attract everyone’s attention due to her captivating natural beauty. Her unelaborated face and long hair, which was flowing and brown, gave out an eternal grace that made the audience feel to be in a period of opulence and ability which is very distant and past. However, the girl was unperturbed by the vibrations of the crowd. She moved with an air of self-confidence that resembled a gorgeous flower among a sea of familiar faces. Her special charm was nevertheless well noticeable.

With those whom she felt at ease, the young girl radiated liveliness and joy, giving us peek into what was uncovered by the disguise or reserve, into her reality. This genuine reckoning with personality gave pause to the artist watching her, leaving her wondering whether we are truly aware of ourselves only when surrounded by people we know best and can be our most natural selves.

As the ceremony drew near it was convinced that authenticity yearned for connection and conclusion, the woman's husband was there, and the artist enjoyed a sweet scene full of warmth and passion that brought forth the deepness of their union. Believing in the idea that long-term friendship stems from understanding each other, the artist concluded that learning about her is not an easy job. He has been reminded of Cat Stevens' touching ballad "Sad Lisa" about deception, which is the main reason for the imperfection of people's appearances that cannot truly reveal all their emotions.

Having left the meeting, the artist walked reflectively on a path of self-reflection, floundering with his antinomies. By his demeanor, he inwardly harbored a lot of fears that often left him tongue-tied in the social banter wiping out the doubt that his quietness was all he could share with the world (that of a quiet sheepdog that doesn’t chime in). Nevertheless, the vicissitudes brought him comfort as he recognized his ability to lead and act, which was like the audacity he ever evidenced in the series of events that led to an unforgettable trip to Peru.

The artist's pictures from that trip revealed a shyer side of him, with his head covered under his hair and a dim expression that captured his reflective nature, not shy but thoughtful and kind. These images were found in his apartment, and he placed them in such a way that they looked prominent, indicating that there was no disgrace in enjoying the moments of silence and that it was essential to feel vulnerable and think through various situations in your life as a way of solving them. In this fast-paced world where silence is a rarity, they provided such a soothing image of beauty that just looking at it made you feel that this is where solitude and peace waited for those wandering lost souls.

While he grew older and wiser he had an inspirational insight that each individual carried a holy pocket inside, and it was a private refuge of comfort, where they sheltered their dreams, and found their solitary moments. Realizing the importance of his shelter, he described how, as a child, Cinderella's journey of discovering goodness and strength was similar to being shut off from the world and finding peace in the safe area in which he was growing up.

The artist delved into the universal dimension, and he started contemplating the innate craving of everyone in life to express their inner selves. Nonetheless, the bitter truth he realized was that those who deserve compassion are not always accorded the same tolerance. However, whenever a genuine bond is built, especially, in the event of having a mutual understanding and unsparing help it shines as if it were a guiding beacon in a fog all over life. The song “I Talk to the Trees” from Jimmy Bertain’s show “Paint Your Wagon” with its musicality deeply resonated with the artist, and its words repeatedly sounded the tune of his search for like-minded individuals who would support and push his dreams, though they may have nothing to see with them.

A turning point for the artist was that in the symphony of existence, silence could appear to be a good partner rather than just an opponent. Encircling themselves with the liberating lone it had to offer, people found themselves able to walk past the chaos of others’ motivation and determinedly pursue their own goals. By accepting human diversity, it was simply vital to remain faithful to those few links, which confirmed one's faith, and gradually realized the plant, watering it to become a garden of understanding, full-time sureness.


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