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finally arrived

finally arrived

By Lanell CallensPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The long-awaited spring outing finally arrived! I was very excited the other day, and today is even more so.

Early in the morning, I helped my mother wrap rice balls and make sushi. Ready to continue, I came to school in high spirits.

Spring is coming, all things recovery, small grass green, peach blossom opened, willow out of the new branches, everywhere a full of vitality, when the teacher told us to go to spring outing the good news, the class suddenly became a happy ocean, the students were very happy.

In the morning, I woke up early, arranged the backpack, and happily went to school, to school, we lined up, facing the spring breeze, accompanied by the warm sunshine, holding hands to the butterfly Park square

The teacher said to take us to the green school spring outing, I jumped up excitedly. Finally, on the day of the spring outing, I got up early and washed very quickly, urging my father to send me to school early.

We got on the bus and went to green school for spring outing under the bright sunshine. As soon as I entered the green school, I saw the dense trees, also with a fragrance, the original green school many flowers opened. Suddenly, the teacher led us to the greenhouse base. We burrowed into a greenhouse to pick strawberries. Red strawberries lying on the ground like a red top, strawberries are also embedded with a small black seeds, bite, even juice out, and then I picked a big and red strawberry to take home a big package. Soon, we came to catch loach place. Because of last year's experience, I know that loaches like to hide in the corner, so I found a corner to catch loaches. Loaches are really naughty and slippery, but they were still caught by me more than 20, when I left, I saw them poor, and put them back to the original place.

Childhood fun like a colorful shell deeply printed in my boundless mind. I still smile when I think about it, because it was so funny!

It happened when I was six years old. One day, my mother came to the wellhead with a lot of clothes and suddenly found that the washing powder was not brought. She looked at me playing on the side and said, "Jiajia, help my mother bring the washing powder, OK?" I nodded in response. This is where the fun begins.

I lazily ran to the health sound, took out a big bag of washing powder to my mother, because I ran too fast, so when I went to the steps, I accidentally scattered the washing powder on the ground, I looked at the white washing powder, I was afraid, washing powder dirty, how to do? My eyes turned and thought: "People can take a bath if they are dirty, clothes can be washed if they are dirty, and washing powder can also be washed if they are dirty!" Thinking of this, my mouth floated a smile, can not help but be touched by their own intelligence and happiness.

I quickly grabbed the washing powder from the ground, carrying a pot came to the faucet, I poured the washing powder in the pot, open the faucet, like my mother usually wash rice, wash, wash, after a while, I stared at the pot a year, where there is the shadow of washing powder ah? I looked at the water is full of small bubbles, is it anti-washing powder to eat? I cried and ran to my mother, and my mother looked at me and said, "What's wrong?" I told my mother exactly what happened, and my mother laughed and said: "Little baby, washing powder will melt when it meets water!" It dawned on me.

Hah! It's fun! Don't laugh at me. You must have done something similar.


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    LCWritten by Lanell Callens

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