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A Dreamy Story on the Cambridge University Campus

A Magical Journey on Cambridge Campus

By Nathal NortanPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Dreamy Story on Cambridge University Campus

You'll explore the beautiful historical grounds walk hand in hand in the rain and enjoy a peaceful summer evening with one another.

Before we begin however let us take a moment to relax

and find comfort in the space we are in. Allow yourself to get cozy underneath the blankets and feel your body lose tension as you sink deeply into the mattress beneath you.

This is a place for you to find safety and tranquility, this is your sanctuary. As you close your eyes and breathe in and out, let your mind drift for a moment, think of an experience or a place where you felt the safest you have ever felt. Was it in someone's home or in someone's arms in a beautiful location.

Wherever it is as you breathe deeply, picture that place fully, what does it feel like? Do you feel air on your face?

Are there calming sounds around you? Perhaps the drone of the television or the crash of the waves or maybe even the words of someone beside you.

Allow yourself to be in that time and place to see the power your mind has to relax you, to remind you of all the good things in the world. Breathing as you linger in that place for a few more moments, letting your body and mind unwind with ease.

Now that we have taken the time to find the right headspace, let us begin. It is the first day of summer at the

university of cambridge. In cambridge England, just outside your open window you can hear the consistent whirr of lawn mowers moving their way through the vibrant green grass.

You're curled up in your plush linen sheets still comfortably nestled somewhere between sleep and the early morning. The comforter is soft against your skin wrapping you in a perfect layer of warmth.

You can smell the fragrant aroma of freshly cut grass in the breeze. The morning wind dances its way through your window billowing the white curtains ever so gently.

For a moment you lay in bed just appreciating what the day has in store. You get to begin the day in this soft wonderful bed greeting the morning sun and later you'll be spending it by the

side of your favourite person that almost seems too perfect.

You stretch ever so slightly slowly talking yourself into rising

on your side, you gaze out the window, the elm tree just outside shifts and sways in the wind some of the leaves cast beautiful

shadows on your floor. They rustle against one another musically almost as if they are urging you to go back to sleep.

An European robin flits through the sky, nestling itself in a nest within the branches of the elm tree. It fluffs up its vibrant red feathers as it cosies into the nest more, closing its little black eyes with an unmatched look of contentment.

As you watch that little European robin fall asleep a knock rings out on your door you smile because you already know who it is

you can practically feel the presence from a mile away, you open the door and your partner stares back at you. Though you've been together for months now your heart skips a beat in your chest, seeing him will forever be the greatest part of your day

what once started as a heated fling has grown into something much more miraculous, a love unlike any other one of understanding communication and sparks. Your partner flashes you a grin and reveals a box of food it's practically breakfast in bed, a surprise he love to shower you with.

Happy and hungry the two of you crawl into the tiny twin-sized bed you pull the plush white blankets around you once more as you both dig into a traditional full English breakfast of sausage eggs baked beans tomato and mushrooms are all arranged on the plate beautifully it looks like something you'd have when

visiting your family on holiday and in fact that is how it became a staple in the first place.

English breakfast began as a treat for visiting family and friends the morning after one of their long days of travel. The hearty food was meant to welcome people with love and send them off feeling satisfied and full of energy. Today it serves a similar purpose.

Curled up in bed with your partner you know the warm homemade meal is going to provide you with some much needed energy for the enjoyable day in the sun that's ahead of you. The coffee maker bubbles in the background as the pot finishes brewing, your partner plants a sweet kiss on your

cheek before he rise and pour you a cup lovingly he makes your coffee just the way you like it. It somehow tastes so much better when they make it.

He return to bed and get under the covers with you handing you the steaming hot coffee. The aromatic steam rises in your face refreshing and calming you all at once. You take a deep sip and let out a satisfied sigh, the taste instantly reminds you

that this is your tranquil time.

Before the day begins your partner admits to you that he

has plans for the day. He has decided that today will be a day

to spend surprising you with things that you care deeply about. You feel your face flush with color, you both lay in bed a while

longer soaking in those final few moments of peace and joy that the morning brings. Your fingers intertwine as you listen to the robin chirp outside the window, the leaves rustle more in the breeze and in their melodic rhythm and even the sound of the

wind rippling across your curtains is a source of comfort you both rise from the bed and get ready to head out for the day.

You climb in the shower as your partner sits just outside chatting with you. The warm water washes over your body relaxing each and every muscle as you stand in the steady stream. Your body feels like putty free of any aches pains or tension. You can practically feel the tension washing off of you

and dripping down the drain.

This is the best part of the day, sometimes you stand in the water and chat with your partner about everything and your plans for the day, for the future, your favorite memories

from the past few days etc. It is certainly a vulnerable experience where you both de-stress and realign your feelings about the world and each other.

You shut the water off and listen to those final droplets drip

and drip into the tub basin. You pop your head out looking for a towel and your partner is standing there with one in his hands and it's warm to the touch fresh out of the dryer with the mix of the cool air and the heated towel is magnificent. You pull the towel tightly around yourself embracing the warmth. Once you're both dressed and ready you step out on campus and

it is truly a perfect day on campus. The sun shines overhead in a bright blue sky, the few silver-lined clouds dot the air above you floating by aimlessly. The summer breeze is calming and gentle just enough to ripple the grass and make the trees dance and whisk away any humidity.

The campus always amazes you, the university of Cambridge itself was founded back in 1209 making it one of the world's oldest and earliest founded universities. Many of the beautiful brick buildings date back to the 12th and 1300s some were built

in the 1700s some even as recent as the 1970s and that only adds to the charm.

You think for a moment about all the people who have come

through this very courtyard through thousands of years of history. People have gathered in this establishment which stood as a religious center in its early beginnings and a home to thousands in the years that followed. It was a university when America was being discovered by Europe. It was a university during world war one and world war ii. This beautiful place with its rolling courtyards and stunning architecture has seen individuals from all walks of life experiencing pivotal moments in history

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