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Why Restarting Your PC Solves Many Problems?

by Let's Discuss about a month ago in fact or fiction

Is your PC making weird sounds? Is your display not working? Is your computer hanging? The one go to solution that all of us have is restarting our PC.

Why Restarting Your PC Solves Many Problems?
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Is your PC making weird sounds? Is your display not working? Is your computer hanging?  Even your mouse is not moving? Is your fan making excessive noise? Is your PC getting too hot? And your hope on Control + Alt + Del also vanished?

The one go to solution that all of us have is restarting our PC.

"All we can do is our best and sometimes, the best that we can do, is to start over" - PEGGY CARTER, MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE

I need to stop using MCU references

Then a magic happens and suddenly all of the problems vanished. So, how does this happen?

It's simple, restarting your PC helps in clearing your RAM(Random Access Memory). This is the place where all your programs are run temporarily. If there are many programs running in the background, then your system resources can get filled up completely, and there won't be any more space to run tasks in different programs. i.e the memory need for the programs which are running in the background is more than your RAM capacity.

Both the RAM and the hard disk capacity us measured in GB. But no to confuse hem with each other? Think of it like this, Hard disk is permanent storage for your applications, RAM is just a temporary space to run it.

Random Access Memory(RAM)

Consider RAM as a place where programs borrow money if they need it, but they need to pay it back after a certain  time. It's like a bank.

When a certain program needs memory to run, then RAM provides it, and while the program is completed, then the memory will be returned to RAM.

RAM just helps the CPU fetch the memory fast, the calculations are performed by the CPU itself.

What you borrow has to be given back

But in some cases of corrupt programs, the memory will be returned and the program will keep on running in the background even after closing it. When the RAM cannot take any more, it leads to a memory leak which causes slowdowns and hangs in the PC. 

If a program crashes or uses more resources than your system capacity, that's when your system freezes. By restarting your PC, you are helping in clearing all those background programs from the RAM and start afresh.

When a program crashes or creates a overflow in memory, then the system will get corrupt and this will get stuck in the memory even though you can't see it running in the background.

That is why, it is always recommend to reboot your PC once in a while. If you don't do this, there might be some apps which you don't know that are running in the background and eating up the memory without noticing.

Rebooting your computer will help the processors from becoming overloaded and provide them some time to recharge. It will help your computer in running efficiently and can often speed up performance if you’ve been having issues. 

Many of us let our computers go into sleep mode after working and the  processes start to pile up in the background, causing a lot of issues. 

For checking this, you can try running the same program every day morning without switching off the PC, you will notice a steady drop in the performance due to constant hog in memory.

Task Manager

Yeah but surely restart wouldn't fix all of you problems. If you are in a need to constantly restart your PC to just keep it running, then there might be some serious issue and I would recommend you to contact a technician for support in that case.

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fact or fiction
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