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Why is the iPhone the technology of the business?

Apple’s ecosystem was developed to contribute to the production of entrepreneurs

By Dalmy AlvesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Why is the iPhone the technology of the business?
Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash

Well, I believe that anyone who isn't a user of Apple products may think that this article promotes an image that you can only be a good entrepreneur if you use an iPhone, quite the opposite.

What I want in this article is to show you how Apple as a company has been offering an excellent technology ecosystem for working on devices that fit your hands.

It's not about being a fan of the products because I believe they're more lovers than me, but Apple doesn't sell cell phones, Apple doesn't sell computers, Apple doesn't sell watches.

How not? You might wonder, as soon as a newly updated product is released the whole world moves mountains to buy right? Right!

But let me tell you what Apple sells. Apple sells:

- Innovation

- Identity

- Status

- Technology

It took me a while to understand this, but when I became an entrepreneur, I realized how Apple's ecosystem helps in this process it's a world in your hands concentrated in a simple device.

In this, Apple is many years ahead, I don't want you to realize that I'm devaluing other companies in the market, just showing a perspective after years of using this company's products.

''For remember that you must provide a bridge for people to achieve something they want. Don't sell a product or service, sell a transformation that it brings.''

Chris Teixeira.

As Chris Teixeira said, I make his words mine, giving Apple as an example.

Maybe you're wondering, but what the hell is Apple about entrepreneurship?

Let me explain, I'm a content creator, I'm on a journey to live only on my internet earnings and I can do everything on my cell phone.

- I can create written content to earn from blogs;

- I can create audiovisual content;

- I can record podcasts;

- I can be a full-time freelance writer only on my cell phone.

Maybe your case is different, you may be using just an iPad, iPad mini, Macbook, or iMac, whatever.

I recently recorded a video tutorial on how to issue a MasterCard from a digital bank I use and I thought the result would be terrible on the sound, as for the video there were no problems, I filmed it in 1080p 60fps format, but as I didn't use a lapel microphone I was afraid that the audio would look awful.

To my surprise, Apple updated the software to IOS 15.2 there was an improvement that saved me when recording the video, which is noise cancellation, this setting focuses only on your voice and eliminates the rest of the noise around you.

By Kaysha on Unsplash

I'm talking about an iPhone XS but look at the quality it gives me, both video and audio, the photos are also wonderful.

As for the apps I don't need to report as much because they function perfectly on the device, I have nothing to complain about.

I just want to repeat what Chris Teixeira said: ''For remember that you must provide a bridge for people to achieve something they want. Don't sell a product or service, sell a transformation that it brings.''

I've achieved many goals with Apple, it's not about the device, about what's in fashion, because a lot of people buy the latest models but don't even use 20% of the technology to their advantage, it's about the experience you're given.

I was saving money to buy a good Canon camera, but I thought, how about investing in a better phone where I can do everything with it?

Are you an Apple user? Tell me about your experience.

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