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Why do people die from cyber violence?

Why not turn off your phone, not watch, not surf the Internet?

By DerasomPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

As someone who has been raped by the Internet, I try to talk about how the Internet violence penetrates people's psychological defense mechanisms.

Even if it doesn't involve real cyber violence, the lethality is not small.

When people are attacked, they will fight back. This is a biological instinct, even if it is only a psychological counterattack, it is difficult to control without a certain degree of self-cultivation.

If one person scolds you, you can fight back. If two or three people scold you, you can also fight back if you type fast, but how about dozens or hundreds of people scold you?

Two fists are invincible to four hands, and your counterattacks will be drowned out by the loud noise. It's like in a noisy and noisy environment, you are shouting hoarsely, but you can't even hear yourself.

Fighting back is a very labor-intensive thing. You will soon feel exhausted and realize that the effect of resistance is very small, so you will gradually give up resistance, and finally you can only be passively beaten.

It's like being surrounded and beaten by a large crowd. You can't resist, so you have to give up your resistance and shrink your body into a ball. The rain-like fists still keep hitting you.

However, your psychological instinct to fight back will not disappear. You will still keep fighting back in your heart, but you will no longer be able to express it. In the end, your counterattack can only be absorbed by your own spirit, making yourself riddled with holes, just like you clenched your fist. , using all his strength, but can only hit in the air as uncomfortable.

At this point, you have already had two feelings - a feeling of suffocation and a feeling of powerlessness.

And the sense of powerlessness increases to a certain extent, and it will be upgraded to the third sense-the sense of insignificance.

Yes, how small and insignificant the individual is in front of the group, you are like a small boat on the boundless sea, when the storm and the huge waves hit, no matter whether you resist or not, nothing can be stopped or changed. .

Along with the feeling of insignificance, there is often the fourth feeling—the sense of disillusionment.

People who are attacked by the Internet often hold a righteous stand, but sometimes the one who is attacked by the Internet is right or not wrong, and the truth is not always in the hands of the majority.

Sometimes you know you're right, or you believe you're right, so what? Ten people say you are wrong, you can insist, a hundred people say you are wrong, you can insist, a thousand people say you are wrong from various angles, can you still insist that you are right? Do you think it's that easy to ignore them?

Human cognition is greatly affected by collective cognition.

When you are attacked by the Internet, you will be placed in an information cocoon full of violent information. At this moment, what you think is right and what the public thinks is right has a huge conflict, and you will inevitably suffer and doubt.

You will constantly wonder, what is right and what is wrong? What is justice and what is injustice?

The stronger the moral sense, the more miserable and skeptical you are. This is why many of those who commit suicide by cyberbullying are well-meaning people.

At the same time, the unbridled and unrestrained abuse attacks from all directions will make you face the most genuine and naked hearts.

On weekdays, you believe that you live in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Although you know that everyone has a dark side in their hearts, most of the people get along with each other with a friendly mask.

But when you are attacked by the Internet, it seems that all the people have torn off their disguise, and the maliciousness comes undisguised. There is no trace of beauty at all, and all that enters the eyes is ugly.

You will constantly wonder, what is the real relationship between people? How many people hide such an ugly heart under the mask of their usual kindness? Am I living in a dark forest, or in a Truman world? And even further, is there truly unconditional love in this world?

Thinking about the right and wrong of justice and thinking about interpersonal relationships, both of which involve our basic cognition. (values, worldview)

Once basic cognition is subverted and destroyed, it is terrible, unless you have enough mind to rebuild cognition.

If you can't tell right from wrong, you can't tell the truth from the fake, you may gradually collapse. (This is why many of the people who were forced to commit suicide by Internet violence are primary and secondary school students. Their minds are not mature, their three views are not yet stable, and they are not easy to withstand such a big impact.)

A sense of insignificance is superimposed on a sense of disillusionment, and you will naturally have a fifth feeling—self-doubt.

You will start to doubt yourself, that you are really wrong, that you are really hopelessly bad, that you are worthwhile, and finally that your very existence is a mistake.

At this time your brain is already full of negative emotions, and a strong sense of frustration can seriously affect your thinking.

If you can't get rid of the information cocoon in time, if there is no external intervention, it is conceivable that you will eventually fall into the abyss.

Of course, you can go offline for a few days, but after a few days, you will find that the Internet storm can be extended for a long time. In fact, the people who attacked you on the Internet have already changed batches after batches, and many people just came to hear the wind and stepped on you by the way. After all, there is no need to take any risk in such a fall.

For others, he is just a snowflake, but for you, it may be an avalanche. When an avalanche comes, not a single snowflake thinks it's their fault. Low risk and low guilt allow these people to speak ill of each other without any psychological burden. And when you think all this is over, maybe a few months later, you inexplicably ushered in a wave of Internet violence. It turns out that your information and remarks were exposed on some new platforms, attracting new A wave of Internet storm traffic, so you were dragged back to the painful time you once had, and suffered repeated psychological torment.

This just doesn't involve reality, and is limited to cyber violence on the Internet.

Further down, all the information on the Internet has been exposed, and all your small mistakes are hidden, which is equivalent to the animals on display in the zoo, waiting to be judged.

Further down, there is also the real sense of fear and destruction that involves reality, not to mention the sense of destruction.

The scary thing is that when the cyber violence goes on to a certain extent, you will find that you have no specific enemy. Even if you want to resist, you cannot find a suitable target. In the end, it seems that you only have one choice left - to hurt yourself. This is also one of the reasons why many people who have been abused by the Internet commit suicide.

At this point, do you still think that Internet violence is not scary?

I have only experienced cyberbullying that is limited to the Internet. Such a small-scale cyberbullying made me sleepless for a long time. Even in my dreams, I was dealing with criticism. The only good thing is that it is not the first time that I have resisted mentally. The Internet violence I encountered was not high enough, so after the initial pain, I strengthened my will and rebuilt my cognition. This is a fortune among misfortunes.

Also because of this experience, I will not easily laugh at those who died due to cyber violence. Those who accuse others of not being strong-willed often lack empathy themselves.

I hope everyone who has been attacked by the Internet can draw strength from it and make themselves stronger!

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