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Why do everyone is using GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp: What is it? Should you use it or not?

By Tech-helpPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read

Social media has taken an important place in our lives today, perhaps it is the need of the hour and with the increasing need, there is also a huge increase in technology. Every day we are seeing something new in the world of technology like Nowadays, GB WhatsApp is in a huge amount of discussion, a lot of people are using GB WhatsApp and eliminating traditional WhatsApp, so let us know what this GB WhatsApp is.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a clone app of WhatsApp, simply like we chat, video call on WhatsApp, in the same way, you may do the whole thing on GB WhatsApp which you do on official WhatsApp, But what makes GB WhatsApp special is its capabilities. GB WhatsApp is offering its customers with many capabilities, which you may not get to see in the original WhatsApp, that's why many people are downloading GB WhatsApp, So let's see what are the capabilities of this GB WhatsApp?

Features of GB WhatsApp :

1. We can disable the calls of selected contacts.

2. You can easily copy anyone's status in GB WhatsApp.

3. You can use GB WhatsApp with the official WhatsApp on the same device.

4. In GB WhatsApp, the large file can be sent without Compressing

5. It's amazing about this app that you can hide the blue tick and double tick in it.

6. Just like you can change the chatting background in normal WhatsApp, you can change the theme of your entire app in GB WhatsApp

7. You can hide the status of a select person with GB WhatsApp.

8. In normal WhatsApp you can send 30 images, but in GB WhatsApp you can send up to 90 images

9. In GB WhatsApp, you get the default app lock feature, so you don't need any third-party apps.

10. You can add up to 600 members to a group. In normal WhatsApp, you get the limit of 252.

11. You are able to send audio up to 100 MB in GB WhatsApp.

12. 16 new icons can be used for Message Notification.

13. A group name can be used up to 35 characters.

There are several exceptional capabilities like this, however now the query comes, is it secure to use this clone app?

Security and privacy (GB WhatsApp) :

Let me tell you before you download this app that "this app isn't officially given by WhatsApp." and this app is not available on play store, so it may be more risky to use third party apps like this because you know WhatsApp is an important part of your personal life, unknowingly you talk about your many secrets on WhatsApp, share videos and photos, that's why you can never trust these third party apps. You should also know that official WhatsApp has strictly prohibited the use of such mode apps, mode app users have been banned from WhatsApp for a while and if you keep using these alternative apps, your WhatsApp account may get banned permanently.

Can GB WhatsApp be used safely?

The only answer to your question is 'no'. You can't use GB WhatsApp or the other various to WhatsApp securely. You're not secured security and privacy while using Mode Apps. Not only that, but you are only responsible for any threat to your privacy. As per official WhatsApp terms states that "these mode apps don't guaranty your privacy and security and violates the terms of service".

When you see we get a lot of additional features in GB WhatsApp, but they cannot be considered correct in terms of security, as far as possible use the official version of WhatsApp ... the mod version can cause many types of damage. The third parties installed are not secure.


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