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Why Creativity Is the World's Most Important Skill.

What This Means for You: Investing in your creative abilities is the best investment you can make right now.

By Hello SocialyzePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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The world's most in-demand soft talent is creativity, while the top hard skill is blockchain. Hard skills are those that are specific to the work that individuals do (such as blockchain) and only apply to that segment of the workforce. They lack the enduring impact of soft skills.

On the other hand, developing your creative thinking skills will help you for the remainder of your career. Furthermore, macroeconomic trends indicate that creativity will only grow more significant in the future. So, it makes sense to suggest that the most crucial talent for modern business people to develop is creativity. Why?

To begin with what,

What Being Creative Is: The Capacity to Solve Problems in Novel and Relevant Ways.

Many people think of artists, graphic designers, authors, painters, etc. when they think about creativity. However, because creativity does not equate to artistry, that is not what it means to be creative. Yes, a creative individual may be an artist, but so could a salesperson, a CEO, a software engineer, or a mathematician.

What does being creative truly entail? According to Stefan Mumaw, a LinkedIn Learning instructor and the author of six books on creativity, "Creativity is problem-solving with relevance and innovation."

Let's divide that definition into its two components.

Relevance: This refers to really resolving the issue. In other words, the extent to which a problem is resolved because we frequently fail to address the problem's underlying cause.

Novelty: Novelty is tougher to evaluate, yet it occurs when you are able to come up with a unique solution to a problem. a strategy that deviates from accepted wisdom or established practice.

When you put everything together, creativity is actually about finding new approaches to solving issues. Mumaw holds the opinion that creativity is not purely natural. Yes, just like with anything else, some individuals are just more naturally creative. But if you put in the effort, you can develop your creative skills.

Why Creativity Is So Vital in Today's World. Process-driven positions are being phased out.

With that concept in mind, why is creativity today's most crucial professional skill?

The crux of the matter is commoditization. Today, almost everything that can be automated has either already been automated or will be soon, which reduces the number of process-oriented jobs.

Use the news business as an example. Teams of workers were required to lay out the paper, build the printing press, print the paper, and then distribute it to subscribers in the early days of newspapers. Today, almost all of that process-driven work is automated because the majority of news is distributed online.

What remains? journalists with the ability to deliver news stories that stand out from the crowd and appeal to readers. What are the tales that aren't being told already that people want to hear? That requires innovation, i.e., a pertinent and new answer.

Every sector and job function are seeing the same situation. Not only do software firms need programmers, but they also need people who can come up with innovative solutions to long-standing issues. Businesses want business analysts who can come up with original ideas based on what the data is telling them, not just those who can crunch statistics.

What This Means to You: Developing Your Creative Skills Is the Best Investment You Can Make Right Now

People had to adjust to new working practices or watch as the worldwide epidemic caused changes in their job situations, making the past three years, from 2020 to 2022, years of transition.

Many have spent time working on acquiring new talents to help them succeed, especially soft skills, which are now highly prized by employers and have become more significant in recent years.

Creativity-related skills are in high demand. People may become excellent at their jobs now and have access to new chances in the future by learning new skills or improving their current ones.

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