Why a Chromebook is better than any Windows laptop?

Do you seek reasons to buy a Chromebook over a Windows laptop? We've got a lot!

Why a Chromebook is better than any Windows laptop?
Chromebook vs. Windows

Acquiring a new computer is not an easy task. Between checking the price, the hardware power, etc. You can quickly go back on an entire odyssey. However, today we are going to talk about why a Chromebook is better than any Windows laptop.

When we talk about a Chromebook it is basically the same as talking about simplicity. But make no mistake, just because we say that it is quite simple in general terms does not mean that it cannot meet your needs and be on the same level as any Windows laptop.

We could even say that a Chromebook is much better than a Windows 10 laptop, even if the latter is higher-end. But we will go into details a little further down.

Chromebook is better than a Windows laptop

Let's see all the reasons we have to say that a Chromebook is much better than almost any laptop that has Windows 10.

They are cheaper

We cannot deny that the price of a Chromebook is quite affordable, especially if we are going to compare them with laptops that remain at the same level. We must bear in mind that Chrome OS is quite optimized and is very efficient in the use of resources.

This means that a Chromebook with low-end hardware can do more things than you would with a low-end Windows laptop. The price difference is quite noticeable and for many people a Chromebook is the solution to all their inconveniences.

There is no virus in Chrome OS

If you are looking for a totally secure operating system, then Chrome OS is the solution to this problem. There are no viruses on Chrome OS. The reasons for this are many.

In itself, it is not possible to run installable software in Chrome OS as we would in viruses, which would be the most traditional method to infect our Windows computer.

Another reason is thanks to sandboxing. Each application we run on a Chromebook creates its own sandbox, which keeps said program completely isolated from the operating system.

Therefore, in the event that there is a virus or kind of malware, it will not be able to enter the operating system and this process will be eliminated as soon as you close the software in question.

However, we must be realistic and if there is a small risk. But it does not come from the hand of any software. If not of the extensions. There is no good way to stop a possible infection thanks to extensions.

Also, this is something that happens in most operating systems. Ideally, in this case, you should install known and trusted extensions.

Chrome OS launches quickly in seconds

Compared to a Windows computer. A Chromebook starts up very quickly, something that is always appreciated. The entire OS itself works too smoothly. Even if the hardware is limited.

Also, it is quite difficult to jam a Chromebook, something that is not very difficult in Windows 10, especially if you have a low-end laptop. Even many inexpensive Chromebooks from years ago still run smoothly and never get stuck.

Setting up a Chromebook is quick and easy

In Windows configuring every detail can take a considerable amount of time. They are small adjustments that we must make to improve the functionality of the operating system and that it meets our needs.

However, in the case of any Chromebook, doing it takes less than 20 minutes. It's as simple as setting everything up once and then syncing with your Google account.

In this way, if you have to reconfigure everything or buy a new computer, simply logging in synchronizes everything with the new machine in a matter of seconds. Without you having to do anything.

Many apps available on Chrome OS

We must bear in mind that behind Chrome OS is the Play Store and you will already be imagining the number of applications that are available for us to install. It has web applications and the possibility of running Android applications.

Google is working to bring Windows applications to Chromebooks, which is great news for a wide range of possibilities. Work is even being done to make Microsoft Office work perfectly on Google computers.

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