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White Label Flight Booking Engine

by Joseph louis 6 months ago in apps
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B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal

What is B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal and How it is beneficial for travel agents and tour operators?

White Label Software is the ideal solution for any travel agency or service provider looking to distribute or sell hotels, flights, cars, and buses through their website. It enables travel service

providers, such as travel agencies and travel agents, to book airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and other travel services under their brand.

White label travel websites are gaining popularity and are being used by tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs all over the world. Many startups are leveraging the power of white label travel portals into their operations to increase profits with minimal investment.

Why Travel Agents Must Opt for A White Label Travel Portal?

As a travel agent, you must recognize the value of a white label travel solution. It is one of the most important aspects of launching a business. If you want to start a travel business, you must have this feature on your website.

With access to the White Label Travel Site, you can offer your customers easy and quick tickets, as well as real-time offers, allowing you to increase profits and enhance your travel website's business credibility.

Best White Label Travel Portal is highly beneficial for customers as they can avail of numerous services on the same platform. But for travel agents too, white-label websites are an ideal choice for accelerating business revenue growth.

B2C White Label Travel Portal

The person who has an interest in the retail market and wants to provide or sell travel services like Airline booking, Hotel reservation, bus booking, Cab booking, and Tour package booking can start their business by getting a B2C White Label Travel Portal with a little investment.

B2C White Label System enables travelers to book services at their leisure and make payments using multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and others available in the payment gateway.

What makes Groupy Standout As A B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal Development Company?

Groupy is the industry leader in the design and development of competitive B2C B2B white label travel portal. It provides a complete package of travel website services right from development to maintenance.

With years of experience in the industry, we provide a white-label solution for B2C travel portal development, white label travel portal, travel portal API/XML integration, GDS API integration, and much more.

Our White Label Portal is a cost-effective software solution designed for small to large-scale travel agents searching for a limited budget for booking flight tickets, hotel and bus reservations.

Why our B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal Is Highly Effective?

When you collaborate with Groupy, you are partnered with travel technology industry leaders. Consequently, we take the opportunity to deliver the best possible work at the most affordable White Label Travel Portal Cost by leveraging our skills and experience.

At Groupy, we have extensive experience and skill in the field of white label travel portal development services, and we can assist you in putting your potential business concept into action and developing the most comprehensive applications to ensure your clients are 100% satisfied.

With years of experience in the industry, we provide a white-label solution for B2C travel portal development, white label travel portal, travel portal API/XML integration, GDS API integration, and much more.

Key features of our B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal:

Easy implementation

Manage your booking and markup value

Manage your agents and accounting details

Real-time search and booking functionality

Mobile-friendly interface

B2B/B2C Travel Portals

Personalized Travel Portal/Website Development

Third-party API Integration

Booking engine for flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and other services

Provide an online presence for your travel business

A diverse inventory to attract new customers

A simple interface that allows customers to book products

User-friendly maintenance tools allow agents to boost effective cancellation of bookings and other related updates

Administration and Dashboard Management Tools

Customize your website according to your preferences

Graphic Reporting & Tracking

Increased commission and sales efforts

GDS integration for flights, hotels, and other travel content

Fully branded and adaptable website

Highest commission on airline tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and other travel products

Online booking, cancellation, rescheduling, and refund accessibility

24/7 technical and customer support

Completely branded and responsive website

Your website and booking engine can be optimized for search engines

Robust tracking and reporting

Online e-ticketing

It is simple to manage all booking reports

There are no minimum deposits or maintenance required

Benefits of our B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal:

Attract new customers with larger travel inventory

User-friendly interface that will inspire existing customers to purchase from your site more frequently

Online presence for your travel brand

Flexibility to choose all or limited travel products to be integrated into the portal

Flexible reporting with a wide range of reports - including booking, sales, performance, and other data that can be tailored according to the business need

User-friendly maintenance tools enabling you to be in control at all times will make sure updating, amending, and taking care of your site is as easy as it can be

Round the clock technical and customer assistance

For more details, pls visit our website: https://www.groupy.travel/b2c-b2b-white-label-travel-portal.php


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