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Which Language is Better to Learn - Python or Java?

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Python is an open-source programming language that Guido Van Rossum developed. The first version of this language was released in the year 1994. It is interpreted and based on both object-oriented and procedural-oriented programming. Here are a few features of Python:

● Easy to code: Python is a very simple language. It is easy to learn, unlike the other languages such as C and C++.

● Object-oriented: Python is object-oriented and supports features such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

● Free and open-source: Python language is freely available on its official website. It is also open-source, which means the source code is open to the public. You can download it, modify it, use it, and share it as you wish.

● Extensive standard library: Python has a large standard library that provides you the luxury of not writing codes for every single task you need the program to perform. Scikit- learn, NumPy, Tensor Flow, Pandas.

Java is a general-purpose programming language, object-oriented programming language. It is owned by Oracle and can be used for Mobile applications (especially Android apps), Web applications, Desktop applications, Web servers and application servers, Games, and Database connections. Some of the significant features of Java are:

● Simple: The syntax of Java is straightforward and can be understood easily. With a basic comprehension of Object-Oriented Programming, Java is easy to be mastered.

● Secure: There are several tools and technologies in Java to ensure security. There are no explicit pointers in Java, and the programs run inside a virtual machine called a sandbox. The Bytecode verifiers and class loaders also guarantee there are no access violations.

● High-performance: Java is speedy in performance due to the presence of Just-In-Time compilers.

● Robust: This programming language is powerful because of its strong memory management features. The automatic garbage collector in the framework eliminates unused objects inside the Java environment. The lack of pointers, exception handling and type checking mechanisms contribute to the robustness of the language.

Why is Java better to learn today?

➢ The main reason for Java’s popularity over Python and the other languages is its platform-independent nature. Java programs can run on any system as long as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed in it. Most computers like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix, are compatible with JRE.

➢ Most big companies are using this programming language in their operations. A few industries utilizing this framework are banks, retailers, insurance companies, utilities, and manufacturers.

➢ The Java Virtual Machine updates itself continuously and can execute age-old programs with utmost precision.

➢ This programming language has a built-in library of classes that provides functions for frequent use.

➢ Java syntax is straightforward and makes use of English keywords with minimum special characters. It is influenced by C and C++ languages, and therefore learning Java will be beneficial in understanding C and C++.

➢ This language is the best choice in the development of scientific applications. It is also used in daily life in Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and eBay. Java is also gaining popularity in niches like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud development.

So, how can you improve your Java skills?

1. Find good resources, like a tutor, online materials, documentation, and strengthen the basics first. This is pretty imperative in building your knowledge further. You should grasp concepts such as Java 8, Spring Framework (Spring Boot), Unit Testing, APIs and Libraries, JVM’s Internals, Design Patterns, DevOps Tools, etc.

2. Keeping yourself updated on the latest technologies and innovations is another point to be noted. Read specifications, JSR, API documents, and watch tutorials to strengthen your foundation in the language.

3. Practice is another key to success. Read on the documents and implement your findings by coding regularly. This will evaluate the depth of your knowledge.

4. Engage in group discussions and subscribe to forums. These will connect you to peers and experts who have experience dealing with issues in the Java framework. They can help by guiding you in the right direction out of difficulty.

5. Working as a freelancer could go a long way. These projects will help you in improving your programming skills.

Being dedicated and learning continuously is as vital as the points mentioned above. Taking regular online tests to gauge where you stand in the market will open your eyes to many flaws that otherwise go unnoticed. If you are looking for the best online Java practice test for beginners, SynergisticIT, a California-based online coding Boot camp is your one-stop solution. So, register today and take the free tests to assess your knowledge and competency in the field.

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