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Where is Yoongi? BTS army awaits birthday update as Suga goes incognito post enlistment

Where is Yoongi? BTS army awaits birthday update as Suga goes incognito post enlistment

By prashant soniPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Where is Yoongi? BTS army awaits birthday update as Suga goes incognito post enlistment
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Jin sends birthday message on Weverse as fans mark Suga's 31st birthday.

BTS fans overall are observing Suga's 31st birthday today! With hashtags like #HappySugaDay moving and fan projects going full bore, the energy is self-evident. In any case, the second most seasoned individual from the gathering known for his blazing rap sections has been observably missing since joining the military. Aside from his Suchwita television show appearance, fans are enthusiastically anticipating refreshes on his whereabouts and prosperity.

Armed force anticipates Suga's update

It's been very nearly a half year since Suga left for his selection. In contrast to the next six individuals from the gathering, including Jin, J-Trust, RM, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin, Suga didn't sign up with the military because of a shoulder injury that later brought about a medical procedure. All things being equal, the Daechwita singer is serving in the public area. In any case, since his administration started, he hasn't made any posts on Weverse or collaborated via web-based entertainment, leaving fans worried about his whereabouts.

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"You know that sort of missing somebody such a lot of that you don't want to discuss them much, bc it makes your heart hurt? All things considered, that is me to Yoongi, I want to be content for SUGA day, however I truly miss him and it makes me cry", a fan composed on X. Others tolled in as well. "IDK where my Man is nevertheless trusting he is fine and accomplishing something useful," "Hobi additionally come b where is Suga, Jungkook, Jin.

BTS Jin drops Suga's birthday update

Prior, Jin, the most seasoned part whose tactical rebound commencement has formally started, shared a birthday update on Weverse, a fan-interfacing stage. Known for his held nature and negligible web-based entertainment movement, Jin took to his computerized pen to wish his kindred part an exceptionally blissful birthday. Look at.

BTS Suga D-Day show film delivery date

Min Yoongi, otherwise called Suga, reported the dramatic arrival of his exceptionally expected Agust D world visit, named D-Day. The film is booked to drop in April and will have a worldwide delivery. The secret offered looks at other BTS individuals like RM, Jimin, and Jungkook.

Rosé got everyone's attention as she wore a stylish transparent dark dress by the French extravagance design house

Renowned K-pop young lady bunch BLACKPINK star Rosé as of late shown up at Sanit Laurent's pre-Oscar party. The 27-year-old artist's photographs and recordings from the occasion have been making adjusts on the web, leaving fans spellbound by her luxury troupe. Rosé got everyone's attention as she wore a stylish transparent dark dress by the French extravagance design house, which was highlighted in the SS24 Ladies' Wear assortment.

BLACKPINK's Rosé displays revealing dress

Her clothing for the extravagance occasion comprised of a transparent dark Holy person Laurent dress with open-back detail. Rosé's outfit transmitted dull ladylike energy as she kept her long light hair free. While posturing for pictures at the occasion, the K-pop symbol seemed strong yet tasteful.

In a couple photographs, she should be visible resting up against glass windows, which mirrored her exquisite outline. The BLACKPINK star additionally donned YSL conceals on honorary pathway during the pre-Oscar party. Her delicate glitz cosmetics emphasizd her luxury troupe.

Fans left staggered over Rosé's outfit

After the photos from the occasion became famous online, fans rushed to virtual entertainment to share their responses. One fan composed on X, previously Twitter, "Such a ravishing lady." Another fan expressed, "One of the motivation behind why individuals continuously saying rosé is the best and most pleasant individual they at any point met, look how she treats and communicate." Another fan said, "Totally gorgeous" while one more considered her a "splendid star" on the virtual entertainment stage.

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