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What is the Need to Hire the Best React.JS Developers for Your Project?

by Shahid Mansuri 11 months ago in list

How to choose and hire the best React.js developers for your project

For a long time, mobile application developers were forced to duplicate a large number of business logic to support iOS and Android platforms. Such imperfection led to the emergence of approaches that allow for cross-platform development. Until recently, none of the existing solutions could compete with native approaches: applications seemed slow, and their functionality was meager, due to poor support for access to hardware.

The situation changed in 2015 when Facebook introduced React Native, a framework for cross-platform development using the ideology of React.js. Unlike its predecessors, React Native has incomparably better performance and functionality.

Below are the reason our developers choose to develop with ReactJS for your web development project:


Initially, React Native supported development only for iOS, but a year after the launch (in 2016), it became possible to write applications for Android. Using RN, simple applications can be written without reference to native features.

As for more complex applications, there is also an advantage here: the business logic remains unchanged, which allows you to reduce development costs without realizing the same behavior in different languages.


Applications written in React Native are compiled natively for each platform. This provides not only quick work, but also a pleasant experience of use, since the user sees a platform-specific UI.

The performance improvement is clearly visible on the example of Instagram, where 90% of the code was reused in Android and iOS. Among other applications on RN are Facebook, Messenger, Airbnb. From domestic developments - the app “Pharmacies” from 2GIS.


React Native is a JS framework, but in the current realities, bare JavaScript is no longer used to develop React Native applications. Typing makes code easier to understand and maintain. Therefore, today it is customary to use TypeScript when writing RN applications.

Another reason developers choose React Native is “Hot Reload,” one of RN’s favorite features. The presence of Hot Reload means that you do not have to wait 5 minutes while the project is going to, if you suddenly decided to change the color of the button. You will see all the changes almost immediately.

Why are we using React Native?

Using f can significantly reduce the workload, and hence development costs. Traditionally, a company wishing to create an application on both iOS and Android had to develop both applications, but with React Native you can focus on creating one that works on both operating systems.

The pace of development of React Native allows us to believe that in the coming years the trend for it will grow both among developers and among customers.

React Native is not only a good opportunity to get acquainted with the concepts of React.js, JavaScript and TypeScript languages ​​for native mobile developers, but also an opportunity to smoothly immerse frontenders in the world of mobile development.

Reasons to Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers:


You finally have time to focus on other business operations, such as customer service, sales, or marketing. This means that you will be ready to launch the product almost immediately after development.


Studies show that enterprises that use outsourcing can save up to 20% of the total development costs compared to those who hire developers on staff.


Outsourcing of developers is a very competitive market. That's why we and our developers are constantly striving to be better. Thanks to outsourcing, you can find the best React developer, and if he does not meet your requirements, we can always replace him with another of the 19 best.


Hiring a full-time team means that you have to start the long process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, etc.

When you finally decide to hire developers, you will have to worry about managing them, training, and providing them with a workspace.

With outsourcing, you have nothing to worry about. We sign a contract and hire the best React developers who will develop your product.


With a remote team, it's easy to zoom in or out on your team. At the initial stage of development, you can outsource more React developers. Then, when you go into maintenance mode, you can leave only a couple of programmers to suit your current needs. Such flexibility would be much more difficult to achieve with an internal team, where performance depends on many factors.

You can hire React Native developers who are actually more effective than outsourcing the project. At any time, you can replace the developer or increase, reduce the team.

Shahid Mansuri
Shahid Mansuri
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