What Is the Fastest Internet in Canada?

As This Is Still Your Reality and the Only Option of Having Any Type of Internet at All

What Is the Fastest Internet in Canada?

When you are searching for the fastest internet in Canada, you first need to understand the current state of Canada’s internet and the unique challenges it faces, followed by some promising solutions for the future.

Do you remember unplugging your phone to connect to the internet via dial-up? This ancient form of connecting to the internet went by the way of dinosaurs, right? Unfortunately, not if you reside in certain rural or remote areas in Canada, as this is still your reality and the only option of having any type of internet at all.

Joining the Modern World

Recently, Canada has received a $500 million government grant that will allow these rural areas to join the modern world and receive high-speed internet as a basic utility.

The funding to support the new infrastructure will be dispersed over the next five years and will benefit personal households, businesses, and the overall economy. Canada currently has two million homes without high-speed internet. These families are missing out on the enhanced communication in their daily lives that high-speed internet would provide.

This new infrastructure will allow Canadians to access services they currently lack such as basic email, online banking, educational classes, and internet searches for children to complete schoolwork, to name just a few. The upgrades will enhance their daily lives and access as they join the modern world and all the benefits of high-speed internet.

Getting Faster

To fully appreciate the fastest internet in Canada, we must first recognize that the average internet speed in Canada ranks 33rd in the world index of internet speeds. By comparison, the United States is 54.97 and Mexico is 20.44.

But the reality is that average speeds are, just, average and can be quite limiting. Not only is your speed generally slower, but you may be unable to upload large files and have multiple windows open. Your children’s pages will time out when they are in the middle of a school project and they may be unable to view videos for research.

Average internet speeds become quite cumbersome to home businesses and the daily transactions of brick and mortar stores, as well. Although a luxury, If you are an online gamer, you are unable to have other gamers join you and are limited in the type of games you can play. Average speed internet can also impede online movie and entertainment streaming sites.

Getting up to Speed

By contrast, when you have high-speed internet, there are many advantages over average speed such as pages loading faster and the ability to connect to multiple devices without speed reducing.

High-speed internet allows other family members in the same household who are logged on to computers or other devices to enjoy an equally fast speed. Internet speeds get bogged down by slower connections and families working on more than one computer. If you are a small business owner or work from home, this can be a serious hindrance to your production time. Children need high-speed internet to complete homework and school projects on time.

Considering all these factors, it would be nice to have the fastest internet in Canada, and those living in rural areas can rejoice in knowing that this can now become a reality. Companies are now bringing high-speed internet to these areas and are enabling millions of Canadians in remote or rural areas to connect to an online society from the comfort of their own homes.

When you are up to speed with the fastest internet, you will enjoy the best the world of online communications has to offer. Those living in rural areas in Canada may have had to deal with dial-up connections up until now, but thanks to the development of technology, they may now join the rest of the world in connecting to high-speed internet.

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