What Is Mesh Wireless Network And How It Works?

About Mesh Network: A Vivid Insight

What Is Mesh Wireless Network And How It Works?
Mesh Wifi

To put simply, a mesh network is a cluster of devices that performs like any other single Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, in order to create a mesh network in your house, you need more than one source of Wi-Fi, instead of one router. In other words, you can say that the mesh network is a Wi-Fi system meant for the entire house. This removes any type of dead zones and gives wireless network signals without any interruptions.

A wireless network of mesh type provides an internet connection that covers a huge area and is quite fast. The normal router provides a wireless signal from one source, whereas the mesh network has many sources or access points.

Advantages of the Mesh Wi-Fi

It is a known fact that if your house is big, then having a single router will not allow you to access the Internet properly from any corner of the house. This is due to the fact that the range of a single router is not enough to cover the entire house.

However, to increase or extend the range of your existing router, you must use the mesh network and the addition of more routers in a mesh system will also increase the speed.

The advantages of the Mesh network are as follows:

A Single Network for your entire House

One of the biggest advantages of the mesh Wi-Fi is that you do not need to sign in every time you are trying to access the internet from any corner of the house. This means that the connection to your home Wi-Fi network will always be there where ever you are. Even if one node within the mesh network fails to work, then also you will get a stable connection for the home wireless network, always.

Setup and Management is Simple

Almost every router that supports the mesh network has a simple setup and management procedure. Due to the simple setup procedure, even you can create a hassle-free mesh network without any problems.

Uninterrupted Connection and Extensive

Since every node in the mesh network piggybacks signal off the other nodes, thus due to that reason you can get a powerful connection from every nook and corner of your house.

How Mesh Network Works?

A mesh Wi-Fi works by utilizing two or more mesh routers, in order to build a mesh Wi-Fi network. In this network, a single router connects to a modem and acts as a central part, whereas, the other devices(nodes) can be put in various corners of the house, in order to create a strong Wi-Fi network. All the routers that connect to one another in a mesh are segments of the same home network. These devices share the same network name and passwords. Due to this benefit, you can simply add a device to the mesh network, to extend it. Since every node in the mesh network performs like a daisy chain for the other devices, thus a node that is present at the extreme place in the house can provide you with a high signal.

Features of Mesh Wi-Fi

Uninterrupted Roaming

The mesh Wi-Fi network provides you with an uninterrupted roaming feature. This feature lets you remain connected with the network wherever you are in your own house. Since the transition of the connection from one device to another in the mesh network is quite stable, that there is no problem when you are watching any high definition videos.

One SSID and Password

A mesh Wi-Fi present in your home allows you to connect to the network with only one SSID and the password. Due to the usage of the same network name and password for the home mesh network, you get a smooth internet throughout the home as said earlier.

Flexible Routing Feature

All the mesh Wi-Fi routers have an adaptive or flexible routing feature. This feature allows the routers to automatically select the best band and settings, to transfer the data at a faster rate without any king lag.


If one device within the mesh Wi-Fi network fails to work, then the network automatically corrects itself i.e. re-routes the data and makes sure you stay online without any issues.

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