What Are Google's 10 Most Searched Keywords of 2020?

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You'll be amazed to know it isn't all porn. Only half of it.

What Are Google's 10 Most Searched Keywords of 2020?

Google sure does take a beating each day from the several million keyword prompts entered into their tiny search bar. From standard questions to map routes, explicit content to football scores, Google handles the query with ease, and more often than not, delivers the answer. But, what are the most searched keywords in Google? Well, we've done some research and managed to figure out just what it is that the people want from the iconic search engine.

So, will they be what you're expecting? Probably. But it's always good to have clarification with these sorts of things. So, let's dive right in and see for ourselves what the user wants more than anything in a web wide enough for the world.

10. "XXX"

This probably doesn't surprise you. In fact, you probably expected it to be a little higher up on the search list. No, "XXX" is in fact the tenth most searched word of 2020, with an estimate of 226,000,000 searches a month. This word also ties with "Pornos", which also has 226,000,000 searches. Go figure.


The beautiful little tool owned by Google themselves tends to receive a lot of usage on most standard days. People all over the world spend their time deciphering foreign languages or learning new and exciting words. And then, there's also jokesters who just enjoy listening to the Google voice pronounce swear words for a laugh. Whatever the reason, "Translate" manages to receive 226,000,000 monthly searches. Translate that into a profit calculator.


Amazon, is of course, the king of kings when it comes to online shopping. Everybody uses it, and everybody is starting to realise that pointing and clicking online is a whole lot easier than venturing into town to purchase the same thing, and then having to lug it all the way home again. "Amazon", unsurprisingly, receives 277,000,000 searches a month.


Coming in with 338,000,000, "XVIDEOS" is of course the seventh most searched word. Again, you probably aren't massively surprised about this fact, but that's a whole lot of people. Actually, just to give you a further insight, 338,000,000 searches a month at $0.04 a click equals a total of $13,520,000. Imagine having that sort of cashflow each month, eh?


6. "XXNX"

Another website crammed with adult material? Surely that's not three already? Three? YES, THREE. "XXNX" strikes hard with 414,000,000 monthly searches and bags a whopping $57,960,000 bundle worth of clicks. And then we wonder why so many individuals invest deeply in the adult entertainment business. Well, there's your answer.


Not to be confused with "Hot Male". No, "Hotmail" is of course one of the most used emailing systems in the world. Everybody has an Outlook account, and almost every living soul makes sure to swing by and check-in on their emails at least once a day. That, right there, is why "Hotmail" is searched 506,000,000 times a month.

4. "GMAIL"

Gmail is of course another widely known email branch that many users have migrated over towards. With its fresher interface and easy to navigate layout, Google packs a punch and delivers the thing we all want and more. That's why "Gmail" is indeed searched 506,000,000 times a month. And yes – they are rivalling with "Hotmail".



Kind of odd, isn't it? How 923,000,000 people navigate their ways to Google, only to then type in the word "Google" right there in the search bar? It's also crazy to believe that at $1.07 a click, the keyword racks up a total of, well, just under a billion dollars a month. That's Google for you.


We can't really be surprised about this one, can we? After all, YouTube is one of the most used platforms of all time. With its multi-billion dollar name and its catalogue of billions and billions of videos, YouTube takes home the silver medal with its 1,680,000,000 searches a month.


Lastly, our good old friend and social networking guru, Facebook. There's a surprise. But, it's not like it was a close tie with any of the other contenders either. In fact, "Facebook" receives an average of 2.1 billion Google searches a month. Now, take into account that most people already have the Facebook app embedded on their devices, that's an additional 2 billion searches via Google on the side. Well played, Zuckerberg.


Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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