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Web Design in 2021: Top Trends Forecasted to Dominate This Year

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By Adaan GCC Digital SolutionsPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
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When it comes to web design and development, it changes over time, accommodating ideas and needs as time goes by. Web design development consultants need to keep an eye out for trends, and this new year is no different. Web designing development experts or builders experiment with extremes, reinvent previous styles, and ceaselessly try out new techniques to provide better and unique web design services in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia. Some popular styles and website design trends don’t fade away, but we have made a list of the new ones expected to dominate in 2021.

Immersive Content

Immersive content is predicted to be one of the biggest custom web design trends set to dominate 2021. Even though the pandemic has put a hold on a normal life as we know it, it enhances everyday life by making it more engaging through technology. The pandemic shouldn’t stop a website designing company from offering immersive experiences, which are almost as good as the real thing. It combines virtual and real worlds through tools to channel the realism and relatability of SEO and user-friendly web design solutions. Here are five types of immersive technologies:

Augmented Reality: Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that uses technology to superimpose a computer-simulated layer of information over a real-world environment. Rather than creating a new virtual world like VR, AR can be considered an enhancement of the real world, and it simply adds information that is already there.

Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that immerses the user inside a digital simulation they can interact with. A Virtual Reality headset is used to perceive the environment. To ensure the user feels like they really are in that virtual environment, as many senses as possible are stimulated using special hardware.

Mixed Reality: Mixed reality (MR) is an enhanced version of AR which merges real and virtual worlds. It produces new environments and visualizations, where physical objects and digital visuals co-exist and interact in real-time.

Digital Twins: A digital twin is a computer program that uses near-exact virtual models of real-life objects, processes, or systems to create simulations that can predict how it will perform. They are commonly used in manufacturing or engineering to optimize or study how physical things behave before building them.

360 Degree Content: 360º content is a photo or a video you can “explore” since the view in every direction is captured and presented simultaneously. It might be surprising to know that people have been trying to capture and reproduce immersive 360 experiences for centuries.

2. Fully Customized User Interfaces Web Design and Development

Customization allows users to select what they want to view or set preferences for organizing or displaying information. It enhances user experience by allowing users to control their interaction by changing the experience to meet their specific needs by configuring layout, content, or system functionality. Some examples of customization in website designing services may involve selecting topics of interest, altering colors of an interface, or allowing users to track weather for a set of cities beyond their current location.

Most likely, interfaces are going to become unique to each user, reflecting our tastes and styles. Customizable web design solution interfaces are the way to more inclusive designs as users will be able to tweak them to accommodate their changing needs.

Web Design and development services

3. Design Activism

Design activism means promoting positive social change and raising awareness about values and beliefs by using your creative talents to positively impact the world. Helping nonprofits establish their identity or offering to create a logo for an organization run entirely by volunteers are ways designers use their talents. It’s about web design development experts or a web design company in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia using their skills and expertise to help solve problems and build a better world.

4. Physical and Mental Health

These unprecedented times have truly reminded us about the importance of healthcare and the need to priorities mental health. In the wake of this, web designers are addressing the severity of these issues by prioritizing healthcare and emotional wellness. This means visuals by web development services in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia will have a more soft, happy and even funny personality.

The vibrant, energetic colors in the illustrations will convey a friendly, positive message by fostering a feeling of optimism and wellbeing. An example is Boost, which uses a neon-orange website design to offer vitamins for the immune system, helping people get sick less often.

5. Optimistic Visuals

After being bombarded with negative, worrying and depressive news and content, the world is starting to feel optimistic about the future. This positive feeling is forecasted to make its way into the design world through bright and bold colors, positive messaging, a balance between health and desires, fun-loving and inspiring approaches. Interface elements, textual messages, and flows is a way to keep a positive mood and uplift experiences. Several websites and products have already taken this approach, offering a fresh image and offering web design services.

We’ve covered the top trends that are forecasted to be at the forefront in 2021. It has brought many new opportunities to embrace the design trends that will make you stand out in the competitive landscape. To stay ahead, hire an experienced website development agency that will be able to help you out. If you are looking for one, feel free to contact us at Adaan GCC Digital Solutions.

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