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Ways that Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Bring Life to a Community

Justin Kaufman

By Justin KaufmanPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs understand that their company is part of an ecosystem. In other words, their business is not the only thing to exist within a community, and there will always be a give and take between the two.

In truth, there are many ways an entrepreneur can help improve their community, regardless of the size of their business. Aiding the community will have the added benefit of uplifting the industry, creating a positive ripple effect.

Here are a few ways entrepreneurs and business owners can help bring life to their communities.


Sponsorships are an excellent way to give back to the community - especially as they allow a business to develop its voice further. For example, a company in the pet supply business would do well to sponsor a local animal shelter.

When choosing a sponsorship, there is no need to stick to non-profit organizations. Companies can sponsor events, sports teams, local girl scout troops, or cub scout groups.

Volunteer Initiatives

It isn’t uncommon for companies, especially smaller ones, to support local communities through volunteer initiatives. A volunteering initiative is when a company allows and encourages employees to volunteer during work hours or otherwise offer to pay for a set amount of time volunteering.

Alternatively, companies can encourage employees to volunteer during off hours by making volunteer and signup information readily available. This can be pushed even further by a volunteer-focused company mindset.

Participating in Drives

Most people are familiar with local food and clothing drives, which frequently happen. Companies can get involved in local drives or even start new drives. For example, it isn’t uncommon for companies to collect canned food around thanksgiving, which is then donated to local food banks and soup kitchens.

Organizing local drives is an easy way to impact the community in significant ways. Not only is a business doing its part to support others, but it is encouraging employees to get involved in the process.

Shop Local

Entrepreneurs can commit to helping their local economy by purchasing all business supplies locally. There are hundreds of smaller businesses in any given area, so finding local vendors shouldn’t be too challenging, yet the positive impact will be significant.

Shopping locally will always make a significant difference to a community. It also helps businesses, as people remember those who support them and will be more likely to return the favor.

Create Jobs

There are times when it feels like there is very little a small business can do to help a community. However, small businesses have the best opportunity to support communities. According to the 2017 U.S. Small Business Administration’s Quarterly Bulletin, small businesses were responsible for two of every three new jobs. Put another way, small businesses help their community (and economy) by existing.

When a small business hires new employees, they automatically create new jobs that were previously unavailable. This means they directly supported local workers, which helps to stimulate the local economy.


Nobody enjoys talking about taxes, but it’s essential to consider. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can make a difference in the community by keeping taxes closer to home. By keeping taxes local, a business owner can ensure that the money is spent supporting local communities instead of going into a larger pot, never to be seen again.

Pay it Forward

Look through how a single entrepreneur or business can help the community. Now imagine how much positivity can stem from a more significant number of entrepreneurs. That’s right! You are setting up a positive future that will last for years by encouraging others to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs can easily promote aspiring entrepreneurs by being open about their experiences. By teaching others about the process, entrepreneurs are making it easier on those that want to follow in their footsteps. Naturally, entrepreneurs can take this further by offering to mentor someone in their field.

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