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Secret Avatars of Lord Ganesha Series Part 1

By Aditya Sharma111Published 3 months ago 6 min read

Welcome, dear readers, to our exciting new blog series – “Secret Avatars of Lord Ganesha”! Get ready to embark on a spiritual journey like no other, as we unravel the lesser-known manifestations of the beloved Bappa, Lord Ganesha.

In this captivating series, we will delve into the depths of ancient scriptures and sacred texts to uncover the hidden stories behind Lord Ganesha’s enigmatic avatars. These lesser-explored incarnations of the benevolent Lord hold profound meanings and lessons that have the power to touch our souls and enrich our lives.

In this blog, we dive into the intriguing world of the “Vakratunda Avatar” – a form of Lord Ganesha that is shrouded in mystery. As we peel back the layers of this avatar, we’ll discover the profound symbolism it carries and the spiritual lessons it imparts. Ganpati Bappa Morya…Let’s begin!

In the ancient text of Ganesh Puran, it is said, that,

वक्रतुण्डावतारश्च देहानां ब्रह्मधारकः । मत्सरासुरहन्ता स सिंहवाहनः स्मृतः ॥

VakratundaVatarashcha Dehanam Brahmadharaka|

Matsarasurahanta Sa Sinhawahana Smruta||

-The incarnation of Lord Ganesha named ‘Vakratunda’ (one with the curved trunk) is the Brahmam (ultimate reality) Himself. Matsarasur was killed by Lord Vakratunda, who is mounted on a lion.

The story of Lord Ganesha’s incarnation is truly fascinating, and it all begins with an intriguing incident. Let’s take a deep dive into this ancient tale, as told in the ancient text of Ganesh Puran. It’s a journey into the mystical world of Sanatana Dharma, where gods and cosmic forces come to life, weaving a captivating narrative that will transport you to a realm where the divine and the mortal collide.

Birth of Matsarasura

In ancient times, a powerful demon named Matsarasur (Asur means a demon) was born from Lord Indra’s negligence, growing into a fierce giant with a heart full of jealousy. Eager to gain dominance over the world, he sought guidance from the wise Guru of Demons, Shukracharya, in the dark realm of Paatal Loka.

Austerities of the Demon

Shukracharya said – ‘ Son! Attainment of all kinds of opulence leads to austerity, so do penance for the pleasure of Lord Shiva, then you can get what you want.’ Matsar said – ‘ Lord! I am definitely ready to do penance. You please tell me the method’.

That monster teacher preached – ‘ Son! After bathing in holy water, wearing pure clothes, worship Ashutosh Lord Shankar with devotion with Shodashopachara (six rituals). Thereafter observe the strict fast with restraint while chanting the five letter mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ of Shiva. You will receive the blessings of Lord Shankar when the penance is over.’ For a thousand years, without eating or drinking anything, that demon performed austerities, chanting the mantra given by his Guru.

Impressed by his unwavering devotion, Lord Mahadev Shiv appeared before Matsarasur and blessed him with immense power, enough to conquer three worlds. Filled with joy, the demon returned and formed a vast army of demons. Together, they captured the earth and then the heavens. But Matsarasur’s ambition knew no bounds; he even dared to desecrate the sacred abode of Lord Shiv – Kailasa, and the celestial abode of Lord Vishnu – Vaikuntha. This caused great worry among all the gods.

Lord Dattatreya and Beej (seed) Mantra

Here all the deities gathered in a secret place and started thinking about killing Matsarasura. Just then, Lord Dattatreya, the divine sage, appeared among them. The distressed gods sought his guidance on how to defeat Matsarasura once and for all.

With great wisdom, Lord Dattatreya advised the gods that only the Almighty God, Parabrahma Parmeshwar, possessed the power to vanquish the demon and relieve the suffering of all living beings. He instructed the deities to meditate on the Vakratunda (the one with the bent trunk) form of the Almighty and chant the monosyllabic ‘Gung’ mantra. Following these sacred teachings, the deities began their worship of Vakratunda, following the rituals as instructed by Lord Dattatreya.

Lord Vakratunda Appeared

Satisfied by their hard worship, Lord Vakratunda appeared in front of them. The gods bowed down to His lotus feet and requested with folded hands – ‘Lord! We are all wandering everywhere in fear of Matsarasura. There is no way to get rid of it. Please free us from trouble.”

Lord Vakratunda said – ‘ Gods! you give up worrying I will break all the pride of Matsarasura.’ By saying this, He meditated for a while, and innumerable Ganas (warriors) appeared in front of Him. Taking all that army and the deities along with them, they reached the capital of Lord Matsarasura. Without wasting any moment, war broke out between the Ganas and demonic armies.

The War

A fierce battle raged between the Ganas- the divine forces, and the Asuras- the demons. The clash was so intense that both sides suffered heavy losses. Among the Asuras was Matsarasur, who had two beautiful and formidable sons named Priya (attachment) and Vishayapriya (worldly attachments). These cunning brothers devised a well-planned attack on the Ganas of Vakratunda, the powerful form of Lord Ganesha. But despite their best efforts, neither side could claim victory or defeat in the five-day long struggle. After five days, both brothers died on the battlefield.

Witnessing the loss of his beloved and powerful sons, Matsarasur realized the true might of Vakratunda. Overwhelmed with reverence, he sought refuge at the feet of the deity and began praising him. With humility, Matsarasur confessed his ignorance and recognized Vakratunda as not an ordinary God but the almighty Paratpar Brahman, the Supreme Being.


Seeking forgiveness for his past misdeeds, Matsarasur earnestly requested a place in Vakratunda’s shelter and pledged his unwavering devotion. Touched by the sincerity of his plea, Vakratunda was pleased and blessed Matsarasur with His grace.

In that divine moment, Vakratunda bestowed his divine wisdom upon Matsarasur. He urged the demon to renounce his malicious intentions and restore all the places he had conquered back to their respective deities. The Lord’s benevolent decree also instructed Matsarasur to ensure that his followers refrain from inflicting harm upon innocent beings.

Matsarasura immediately agreed that the same would be done. Due to this all the gods became happy and they praised Vakratunda with devotion. He provided refuge to the deities and immediately disappeared into the vast universe.

Learnings from the story of Lord Vakratunda and Matsarasura

The story of Matsarasur teaches us about the dangers of being too ambitious and the importance of being humble and devoted on our spiritual journey.

The battle between the Ganas and Asuras reminds us that challenges and struggles help us grow and discover ourselves.

Matsarasur represents attachment and worldly desires, showing us the need to balance material pursuits with spiritual growth for a better life.

Matsarasur’s realization of Vakratunda as the almighty Paratpar Brahman shows us the significance of recognizing and connecting with the Supreme Being.

Matsarasur’s humble plea for forgiveness reminds us to be humble and seek forgiveness for our mistakes, leading to divine blessings.

And finally, Matsarasur’s devotion and surrender to Lord Vakratunda showcase the transformative power of sincere devotion. It reminds us that when we approach the divine with humility and genuine love, we can experience profound spiritual growth and receive divine blessings.

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