UV Laser Marking Machine

laser marking machine

UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machines engrave many materials, like plastics, metals, leather, glass, some stones, crystals, and many more. The machine is widely used in a variety of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, and more industries. UV laser marking machines are used in these industries to prevent tampering and counterfeiting. These industries and brands use this machine to ensure lifetime brand protection.

UV laser making machines provide permanent and best-quality, readable codes. The machine is the best option to meet the quality requirements of readability, which is very important in the pharmaceutical packaging line.

The machine is equipped with advanced technology. It has high output power, and works with high efficiency. It uses a light laser device, which acts as a source of the light. It is famous for the finest marking effects, and has a shorter processing time of marking on materials. The machine ensures the safety of products, and that the materials do not deform or burn due to thermal. The heat-effected area is also smaller, and it produces beautiful marking effects. The machine is highly functional, and meets the demands of customers by fulfilling marking requirements.

The UV laser machine provides a practical solution for marking. It is the best equipment for marking plastics and glass products. One amazing thing is that it can also mark and engrave paper.

The Working System

The machine uses a special technology to mark on different surfaces, by using a laser. The users can adjust the power and diameter of the processing radiation, ensuring the clarity of the image. It is possible to change the setting of the beam power.

Common Applications Of UV Laser Marking Machines

The machine has a lot of applications, and a broad scope. It can mark all types of plastic and glass products. However, it can be used to engrave only some types of stones. It can mark paper, and offers both the marking and engraving of leather. In many industries, it is also used to mark fruit, wood, ceramic, and garments.

Its most common use is marking electronics: computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, batteries, chargers wires, LED, and many other products.

The automobile industry also uses this machine, to mark spare parts and auto-glass, hardware, machinery, etc. Some other industries where this machine can be used include the aerospace industry, military, food and beverage industry, and more. A laser marking machine is also used in marking polymer materials, and both metallic and non-metallic objects.

It is the best marking machine that has many practical and professional applications, in a broad range of industries.

Important Features

Below, read the important and main features of the laser marking machine.

  • It uses doubling technique with intravenous frequency, that ensures the stability of laser. The laser cavity design adopts different optimization methods.
  • Due to high-pulse stability, it is very suitable for precise marking. The machine meets the need for fast marking and efficiency.
  • It is the best option for making logos and graphs, designed in DXF format.
  • It is the best for marking date and bar code .
  • It has the best performance, functionality, and has low energy consumption .
  • It has a long service life .
  • It supports flow line marking .
  • It is adaptable to long working times.
  • It supports workloads .
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is maintenance-free.

Advantages Of UV Laser Machines

The machine is very useful, and offers many advantages to the buyers. It has a wide application, in a broad range of industries. The major advantage of UV laser machines is its multi-functionality, and ability to mark different materials, metals, and non-metals. The machine uses the latest technology, using the automatization system like linear guide engraving, rotary engraving, camera capture system, and conveyor engraving systems.

Due to the use of UV marker technology, it is possible to get a 100 percent permanent pattern. The technology ensures the safety of the lines. Another benefit of the machine for the buyers is that the machine does not wear out, and the lasers do not damage, as the engraving on different materials occurs in a non-contact way. The automated technology makes decorating fast. Hence, it is a timesaving solution, for the client and the contractor. It is not only a timesaving, solution but also a cost-saving option. It is the best option for professional use.

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