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Unveiling 'PapriKall': Vindaloo Softtech's Advanced Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution

Get the Best Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution for seamless communication that drives its worth with the advanced features of ‘PapriKall’.

By Vindaloo SofttechPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Vindaloo Softtech with an eye to the future, designed an epoch-making Voice and SMS broadcasting solution, reaching thousands of recipients effortlessly. ‘PapriKall’ is all set to turn communication on its head like never before.

2 May, 24 – Ahmedabad, India – The Roar of the Voice and the Buzz of the Messages keep customers hooked. Getting a handle on this, Vindaloo Softtech, an Indian-based, best broadcasting Software Provider, has officially kicked off ‘PapriKall’, a Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution. A Broadcasting software that enables users to reach bulk audiences at a time without breaking a sweat at minimal cost.

“Vindaloo Sofftech Has Presented Its New Product, Voice and SMS Broadcasting Based- Software.”

PapriKall – The Ultimate broadcasting software engineered to revolutionise your communication strategy.

Our newly launched PapriKall boosts all the unparalleled features that will amaze you in today’s mass communication game. This ensures seamless communication and engagement that drives the worth. What’s cooler, is the core functionalities are wrapped in extraordinary features that will make you give it a Nod.

“It is indubitable that nothing can replace the essence of core functionalities, but the curiosity for innovative features is never satiable and so is with the broadcasting software. Therefore, the moment has come to introduce ‘PapriKall’ with its amazing features that you’ll never want to look back. It comes with unbeatable features including advanced scheduling, multi-channel support, detailed analytics, one-click installations and whatnot. PapriKall is the result of tireless research and go-getting dedication at Vindaloo Softtech”

– Bhaskar Metikel

About the Product:

PapriKall: It is Voice and SMS broadcasting software, that takes mass communication to the next level. This comes with more than just core features. PapriKall offers a direction to unbeatable efficiency and effectiveness. You will get the advantage of a bulk SMS messaging service. Experience broadcasting via DTMF inputs, multi-channel support, broadcast, and precise broadcast scheduling. It boasts other features such as DNC control, dynamic caller IDs, and customized call recording.

Right from voicemail handling to advanced reporting and user permissions, you can reap the benefits of each feature like never before. It will make you witness the difference it makes.

What’s Special about this?

Advanced Scheduling: You can plan your communication ahead of time for better impact.

Multi-Channel Support: You can reach your audience across various channels easily.

Detailed Analytics: You can grab a comprehensive picture of your broadcast effectiveness.

One-Click Installation: You can get easily started with a one-click to deploy our platform.

About Vindaloo Softtech:

Vindaloo Softtech, A front-runner Software Development firm in the Global Market, came with an urge to launch ‘What’s missing’ in the technological solutions. It stands apart due to its mastery over crafting innovative VoIP solutions using world-class open-source technologies. It has secured its space in the market and continues to spread its happy wings through its unbeatable solutions and services. It also offers Full-Stack Development solutions, robust Web App development, and Custom CRM development services. It is well-known due to its 4 launched products, while PapriKall will be the new gem in the crown.

Vindaloo Softtech is hitting a high in its industry with 8+ years of experience, 60+ experts, and 100+ projects. Vindaloo Softtech is keeping its clients on the cloud nine, offering the desired solutions. Voila!

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