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Tulsi Vivah 2023

Things you must know

By Aditya Sharma111Published 3 months ago 4 min read
Tulasi Vivaha

In the rich tapestry of Sanatana traditions, Tulsi Vivaha is a unique and sacred ritual. It’s the symbolic marriage of Tulsi, the Holy Basil plant, to theShaligram (ammonite) form of Lord Vishnu. This union is believed to bestow immense blessings and happiness.

Tulsi Vivaha is an annual celebration held the day after Ekadashi, which this year falls on November 23rd in the English calendar. On the following day, Dwadashi, which is November 24th, the marriage of Tulsi Mata and Lord Shaligram is traditionally performed in homes, known as Tulsi Vivah. Whether you’re familiar with this tradition or exploring it for the first time, join us as we delve into the Puja procedure of Tulsi Vivaha in 2023.

Things you will need for the Tulsi Vivah Ceremony

1. Tulsi plant,

2. Shaligram Stone, Image or statue of Lord Vishnu,

3. Outpost,

4. Sugarcane,

5. Radish,

6. Gooseberry,

7. Berries,

8. Sweet potato,

9. Water chestnut,

10. Custard Apple,

11. Guava, and other seasonal fruits,

12. Diya (oil and clarified butter lamp),

13. Clothes,

14. Flowers and Garlands,

15. Wedding Accessories,

16. Saree (preferably in red color),

17. Turmeric,

18. Vermillion,

19. Homemade sweets.

In the spirit of devotion, it’s essential to remember that even if you don’t have all the ingredients mentioned in the puja procedure, your heartfelt devotion is what truly matters. The sincerity of your intent and the purity of your heart can elevate the ritual’s significance, ensuring that you receive the blessings of this sacred union.

Steps to follow for Tulsi Vivah Puja

Morning Ritual: Begin your day by taking a purifying bath and dressing in clean clothes to prepare yourself spiritually. Meditate before your altar to seek blessings from your Ishta Dev and Guruji.

Setting the Stage: As evening approaches, it’s time to create a sacred space. Lay out a clean wooden platform with a decorative puja cloth.

Preparing Tulsi’s Abode: Color the pot that holds the Tulsi plant and place it with reverence on the platform. This pot symbolizes the abode of Tulsi Mata.

Honoring Lord Vishnu: Create a separate platform for Lord Vishnu, represented by the Shaligram. Install the Shaligram with devotion.

Sacred Purification: Sprinkle holy Ganga water on Tulsi ji and the Shaligram to purify and sanctify them.

Nature’s Blessings: Set an urn filled with water nearby and place five or seven mango leaves. Position this urn close to the place of worship as a symbol of nature’s blessings.

Divine Illumination: Light one ghee and one oil lamp to symbolize the divine presence and illuminate the sacred space, attracting positivity and repelling the negative vibrations.

Invoking Blessings: Apply Vermillion and sandalwood tilak on Tulsi and Shaligram, invoking their divine energies.

Decorative Arch: Create a sugarcane arch around the Tulsi pot, adding an ornate touch to the sacred setting representing the sweetness in the relationship. Offer all the berries, fruits, and homemade sweets to the divine couple with utmost devotion.

Adorn Tulsi Mata: Apply vermillion on the leaves of the Tulsi plant and offer a red Chunari (red cloth for the deity). Adorn Tulsi Mata with symbols of femininity like bangles and a Bindi.

Circumambulation and Aarti: With utmost reverence, hold the Shaligram along with the post and circumambulate the Tulsi plant seven times. Afterward, perform Aarti to honor the deities.

Prayers and Blessings: Conclude the puja by folding your hands in prayer, seeking blessings from Tulsi Mata and Lord Shaligram for a harmonious and joyous married life.

Sharing Divine Grace: After the puja is complete, distribute Prasad, the blessed offerings, among all present, allowing everyone to partake in the divine grace and blessings.

Importance of Tulsi Vivah Puja Ceremony

It’s said that Lord Vishnu, while in a deep slumber for four months, awakens on Devuthani Ekadashi in the Hindu month of Kartik. After His awakening, a special tradition of marrying Tulsi ji with His Shaligram incarnation occurs.

Tulsi Vivah encourages us to grow spiritually, share love with others, and follow a path of devotion, leading us to a strong connection with the divine.

This day is considered incredibly auspicious, and fasting on Tulsi Vivah is believed to bring the same blessings as performing a thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas, a powerful Vedic ritual.

Tulsi Vivah reminds us that there’s a spiritual aspect to our lives. It shows that by being devoted and having good intentions, we can connect with the divine forces in the universe.

Tulsi is considered a sacred and pure plant in Hindu culture. Taking care of it and participating in the Tulsi Vivah ceremony is believed to purify one’s thoughts and actions, making a devotee more suitable for a loving and successful relationship.

Marrying Tulsi Maa and Shaligram on this day grants the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi, and it’s a belief that devotees’ wishes are fulfilled. Due to its positive divine effect on the relationships, Tulsi Vivah celebration marks the beginning of an auspicious season for marriages across India. So, Tulsi Vivah holds a special place in the hearts of those who seek a balance, love, support and trust in relationships.

May Divine other Tulsi Maa and Lord Vishnu bless you with a blissful life.

Even though plenty of literature is available on spiritual practices, it is highly recommended that one learn these methods under the supervision of a Guru or an expert. We recommend you practice these interpretations and practices mentioned above under the guidance of an expert.

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