Top Reasons Why Students Should Be Using VPNs


Top Reasons Why Students Should Be Using VPNs

Using a VPN for any connection to the Internet is becoming fundamentally important due to the continual increase in the number of hackers and looming cyber attacks. Many people are joining on to the advertised services every day but not many students are cottoning on to the idea.

Safety is more important than ever while working online so here are four key reasons as to why students should be using a VPN connection while carrying out their work.

Getting around geo-locked content

Doing your research online is usually pretty easy going with such a vast amount of content available online. Almost anything you can think of is now available to view and read on the Internet but in some cases, the content you want to look at is unavailable to you.

Much content like videos is geo-locked to specific regions around the world. This means that only those accessing the content from within the region can actually gain access to the files online. This can be frustrating but having a VPN connection can make this issue redundant.

VPN service providers can allocate new IP addresses once you log on through one of their servers which makes you virtually appear to be within a different region. This can prove highly useful for accessing videos which can enhance learning or knowledge.

Working abroad

Much like with the issue of getting around geo-locked content online, working abroad may also mean that you are out of touch with certain materials you have back home.

Conducting research abroad for a thesis shouldn’t mean you lose out on the materials back home, so using a VPN connection will allow you to access video channels and networks you are signed up to back home so you can work with ease no matter where you are in the world.

Clearing the browser history

Research for students can take you to all kinds of places, some of which may be more questionable than others. Gaining knowledge to complete projects can mean looking at some strange things so the last thing you want is to start having adverts popping up for undesirable things.

Using a VPN means that you will have no browser history. The main idea is that since your connection is private there will be no track left behind you as you hop around the Internet. Once you log off from the session it will be like you were never there.

Download Torrents

Another upside to being able to use a VPN is that you can get books, apps, movies, and music for free. Now if you have the money to buy originals we strongly suggest going that route, but if you are strapped for cash and need some free entertainment, then torrents are the obvious solution. You can use torrentz2 to achieve this.

Be untraceable

Similar again to the factor of dodgy browser history, conducting your work online without protection can leave a trace. This has been known to cause problems for those who don’t want to be traced. Celebrities, well-known figures and even high ranking employees get tracked online all the time to undesirable consequences. To avoid this kind of confrontation, a VPN connection would be the go-to movement so that absolutely no trace is left behind as you work your way around the world wide web.

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