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Top Features of Uber Clone App

by Maria Smith 2 months ago in apps
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Concept of Uber Like App Development

Uber is one of the top companies in terms of online taxi booking services. Uber is currently operating in over 65 countries, 723 cities across the world. Uber operates its business on both mobile and website platforms.

Introduction About an Uber

Uber cabs are estimated to have over 100 million active riders across the world. The features of the Uber app are constantly updated to meet the needs of drivers and riders. Top online taxi booking companies like Uber, Lyft, Ola are making billions of dollars in the taxi booking business.

The online taxi booking business model has inspired many entrepreneurs to start their own business like Uber. According to a survey, 35 percent of startups want to invest and start their own business like Uber. To meet the needs of startups, many app development companies have come up with Uber Clone App.

Let's take a look at these features that you should not miss while buying an Uber clone for your taxi business.

Top 7 must have features of Uber Clone App.

1. Ride Later

2. Promo Codes

3. Invite Friends

4. God's Perspective

5. Peak Hours Pricing

6. Carpooling / Share Taxi

7. Ratings & Reviews

Ride Later:

Ride letter is an important feature of taxi booking app. It allows a rider to book a cab for a pre-planned ride. A rider can book a car as per his convenience with a specified date, time and place.

Promo Codes:

The promo code is managed by the admin panel, where the admin can offer exclusive discounts for both driver and rider. This option helps in bringing in a lot of customers to the product and attracting their attention.

Invite Friends:

A rider can invite his friends to the app. On successful invitation, the rider concerned can earn money from it. From the admin's point of view, it brings a lot of new customers to the app. From the rider's point of view, they can get the discount and invite cash along with it. It is a win-win situation for both the admin and the rider.

God's Approach or Seeing:

This feature helps the administrator to find the driver location. Admin can search for a driver using his car type, car registration number, driver name and location. After filling the details, the location of the driver will be visible to the administrator. It is helpful in any emergency.

Peak Hours Pricing:

An important feature for taxi booking apps. This option lets the admin increase the fare value based on the riders' traffic details and ride availability.

Carpool/Rideshare Taxi:

Carpooling or rideshare taxi is an option to share your ride with other riders. By using the carpooling option, the rider can save the fare amount. Most importantly, it reduces pollution, toll charges, etc.

Ratings and Reviews:

A feature that allows riders and drivers to improve themselves. After the completion of the trip, both the driver and rider can rate and review each other. If any driver reviews, behavior is bad then the administrator can ban that related driver from the app.

Cost To Develop An Uber Clone App With All Features

Uber clone products are exactly what most startups are looking for. If you want to start a business like Uber then you can use an uber clone script to do it. In general, an uber clone with all the Uber app features can cost around $1,000 to $100,000.

If you are looking for an affordable and best uber clone script then Apporio Taxi is the best in the business. Apporio Taxi app has all the features of the Uber app and can be easily customized to suit your needs.


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I am Maria Smith, blogger, android & iOS developer. I am specialized in Uber Clone App and Gojek Clone App Development.

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