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Top Backend Frameworks for Web App Development in 2022

by Vikrant Bhalodia 9 months ago in tech news
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Several backend development framework options are available in the market that makes a choice difficult. Today, we discuss some of the top options for you to make a definite choice.

Backend Frameworks for 2022

Backend developers employ frameworks, tools, and other similar resources to build the engine of a website. It consists of numerous essential components linked to the databases, internal and external resources, server, website's root, etc. Backend frameworks are beneficial for both the developers and the product as well.

What is a Web Application Framework?

A web application framework is more of a software tool that intends to support the development process of a web app. They lay down a specific method of creating and installing web apps on the World Wide Web. They enable mechanizing overheads linked with the general activities carried out in web development.

What Are The Different Types of Web Frameworks?

A website primarily has two sides, and frameworks are required for these two particular sides: server-side and client-side.

  • Server-Side: The server-side framework has an architecture that enables the development of simple pages, landing pages, and also forms of various kinds. Such frameworks can quickly render output data and improve security when web attacks. They usually function on meticulous and significant details, which are critical; otherwise, the application will not run as expected.
  • Client-Side: A client-side framework enables the execution and enhancement of a new user interface efficiently. These frameworks consider browser work and are not concerned about the business logic. The frontend development frameworks and single pages applications enable the fabrication of several animated characteristics. In terms of functions and usage, every client-side framework is different from others.

The frameworks used for backend development are libraries of the server-side languages that help develop the server configuration of any website. That said, it becomes critical to choose the right technology for developing a website, or else a wrong choice may impact your application. Hire dedicated web developers who will help you make an informed choice.

Today, to make a choice easy for our readers, we will discuss some of the most efficient backend frameworks that should be considered in 2022.

What is a Backend Framework and Why Use It?

A backend framework helps build the architecture of a website. It impacts the performance of a web app significantly and can also decide whether a project will be successful or not. Such frameworks make development easy and convenient for the developers to a great extent.

Backend frameworks focus primarily on the scripting languages, like Javascript, Ruby, Node.js, etc. The languages include compiled ones, such as C#, Java, etc.

Some of the best options help automate the outcome associated with the software development functions. Usage of such frameworks is associated with some primary benefits that include;

  • Time-Saving
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Uniqueness

The best part of using backend development frameworks is that they are open-source options and offer maximum advantages.

Top Backend Frameworks To Use

Below we list some of the best available options, and the developers can choose one based on their needs.

1. Django

Django is open-source and one of the best frameworks based on Python. It helps developers build complex, database-driven websites, and the framework is a free solution. The best apps built using Django are DropBox, Spotify, Washington Post, etc. Django is recommended for all startups looking to get high-quality websites designed.


  • Security: Django enables developers to stay safe from several security issues, like CSRF attacks, SQL injections, and XSS by default.
  • Scalability: The framework is scalable because of the caching options and its feature of code reusability. This enables Django apps to deal effectively with high traffic demand.
  • Asynchronous Programming: Based on the architecture of Model-View-Template, Django can run anywhere, and it effectively supports asynchronous and reactive programming.

2. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is also known as Rails and is an open-source development framework used to build web apps. It is written in the Ruby programming language, and the framework helps developers build, analyze and maximize the software independently.


  • Convention Over Configuration: Rails enables the building of advanced matching elements by sensing the easy components that are formal as well.
  • Automated Testing: The set of tests is run by Ruby on the codes that developers write. This helps save time and effort and also assures quality development.
  • Localization: With the help of this feature, the programmers can combine their pre-designed code into their framework for a huge project.

3. Express

Express.js is a lightweight and adaptable Node.js framework used to build applications. This framework offers a set of functions for both web and mobile applications when used by a web development company. It is a MEAN stack backend framework developers use to build APIs and online Apps. Stack Overflow rated Express as one of the most used frameworks by almost 23.82% of respondents.


  • Rapid Development of Server-Side: Multiple standard features are offered by Express, and they can be used anywhere in the program. This helps save development time to a great extent.
  • Middleware: This part of express can access databases, client requests, etc. It is generally accountable for the streamlined organization of various functions.
  • Routing: It has an advanced routing system that enables preserving the state of a webpage with the help of URLs.

4. Flask

It is another great Python-based framework used for web app development, and it also helps create robust and modern web apps. This framework runs on a server rather than running on a user's browser. Statistica says that 16.14% of respondents mark Flask as one of the most extensively used frameworks in 2021.


  • In-Built Development Server: This flask feature offers an engaging debugger and allows the developers to implement Python codes in the browser.
  • Templating and WSGI Assistance: Flask features a toolkit that enables the development of web applications compatible with WSGI and Jinja 2. This makes the development of templates easy.
  • Minimalistic: It is a minimalist framework that enables the rapid setting of web servers. This feature allows for the bundling of core elements by default.

5. Laravel

Laravel is another open-source framework based on PHP and helps create Symfony-based web apps with the help of MVC architectures. Experts rated it as one of the best backend development frameworks by experts.


  • Template Engine: Laravel has several lightweights, in-built templates that can be used to create layouts and produce content. It also enables the creation of widgets using JS and CSS codes.
  • Security: It offers powerful app security with salted and hashed password methods. The framework employs readymade SQL statements to eradicate the possibilities of injection attacks.
  • MVC Architecture: The framework provides MVC architecture support to individualize business logic and layers of presentation. MVC offers several functions that boost scalability and security and aid better performance.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP is another popular web app development framework. Since its development, it has experienced incredible progression and is now considered a contemporary web tool. It is also one of the most preferred choices of a web development company for developing both big and small applications. CakePHP renders complete security and doesn't have any complex configurations.


  • Compatibility: CakePHP framework is compatible with 4 and 5 versions of PHP.
  • Handling Several Components: The framework can handle numerous components that include Cookie, Email, Security, Request Handling, Sessions, etc.
  • Flexible licensing.

How to Choose the Right Backend Framework?

Besides the ones listed above, there are several other backend development frameworks available in the market for people to choose from. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and it completely depends on the developer and which API stack they want to develop their project. You can consult experts or hire dedicated web developers to help you make a wise and beneficial decision.


Both Javascript and Python frameworks are the best choices for backend development frameworks, and they are currently leading the market by providing exceptional features to the apps developed. Moreover, the frameworks encourage faster development and boast rich functionalities to the products developed. The choice of the framework can make or break your app, hence choose wisely and take expert help, if required.

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