Top 7 DevOps Companies to Innovate the World in 2020

by James Warner 8 months ago in tech news

The internet is flooded with the articles and stories that explain DevOps, but not all of them explain the significance of DevOps and how...

Top 7 DevOps Companies to Innovate the World in 2020

The internet is flooded with the articles and stories that explain DevOps, but not all of them explain the significance of DevOps and how it benefits an organization. The trending software development approach includes several technical and business benefits, such as a shift from centralized release management structure to adaptive release management, increased deployment frequency, shorter development cycles, and faster time to market. However, DevOps depends on increased communication, innovation, and collaboration and can act as a catalyst for cultural change in the organization.

Though, some companies are still failing at DevOps, few leaders in the market that are doing it right and exploring new possibilities of DevOps. Let’s learn about them one by one:

1. Amazon

It was a time when Amazon still running on dedicated servers. It was a constant challenge to predict the right amount of equipment to buy for meeting traffic demands and pad estimates to cope up with unexpected traffic spikes. It was found that over 40% of the server capacity of Amazon was wasted and this could be more during Christmas and New Year shopping season.

Once the online retailer shifted to the AWS cloud, it enabled engineers to measure capacity as whole incrementally. This reduced the spending on server capacity and spurred a transition to a continuous deployment process that empowers developers to use their composed code to whichever servers required by them, whenever they wish.

Within a year of shifting to AWS, it was noted by the team that engineers were deploying code every 11.7 seconds. The agile approach helped in reducing the number and duration of outages, which is now bringing more revenue to the company.

2. Nexsoftsys

Nex has an experienced team of DevOps experts that can provide you assistance in managing IT solutions more smartly at reduced costs and enhanced productivity. For a successful software implementation, it is important to cover all the business needs and face the challenges. Nex offers DevOps solutions in India with proper business understanding and employee operations.

Experts from the company can enhance the code deployment cycle; deliver seamless product flow, and innovative product ideas. The DevOps engineers working in Nex will assist you in implementing better product cycles with the freedom to find more options for innovative methods.

Start sharing your requirements with the company by mailing.

3. WalmartLabs

No wonder Walmart is the king of big-box retailers; it has struggled a lot in the presence of Amazon. To attain its position, it assembled a cutting-edge team through several tech acquisitions and discovered WalmartLabs.

WalmartLabs has used the DevOps approach to its mission. It uses OneOps cloud-based technology that automates and accelerates app deployment. WalmartLabs has also developed many open source tools like Hapi to build apps and services and enable developers to emphasize on writing reusable app logic instead of wasting time on building infrastructure.

4. Aegis Soft Tech

Aegis has already worked for over 100 companies in deploying DevOps for their ecosystem. You can outsource DevOps services from the professionals for your business without a doubt. The DevOps team working in Aegis will become a part of your team and shuffle all the difficulties to deliver a smooth and running workplace. Aegis Soft Tech is a popular DevOps Solution Provider in India.

You can find client testimonials on its official website sharing the experience of other businesses working with the company.

5. Sogeti

Sogeti is a part of Capgemini Group and among top technology service providers in digital transformation. They have expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions including cybersecurity, cloud, digital manufacturing, and emerging technologies. It’s a UK based company offering end-to-end DevOps service using the skills of its experienced DevOps team along with proficient tools and right guidelines.

6. TCS

TCS needs no introduction since the company is a popular leader in digital business solutions and IT services. It is representing 151 nationalities across 46 countries. It provides the best in class enterprise DevOps Consulting and Services with the use of professional tools and strong partnerships.

7. XenonStack

XenonStack is a software company creating platforms for Data Integration, DevOps, Analysis, and Security. The team here offers big data solutions, decision science, and enterprise application development. XenonStack Company is among leading top DevOps consulting providers helping enterprises to enable continues delivery pipeline throughout the platform with an aim of enhanced efficiency. Over 50 employees are working in XenonStack.

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