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Latest Iphone accessories with lower prices to help you simplify your day to day task.

By TechnoRightPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The iPhone is known to be one of the most sophisticated devices there is, making daily tasks minimal and simplistic. The accessories below are mentioned to be compatible with latest magsafe iPhones like the 12 series, 13 series and the 14 series. To be able to enhance that experience, here are 5 budget accessories you must have:

1. MAGKOTA Magnetic Wallet

The opulent leather wallet from Magkota includes strong magnets, making it simple to connect to the back of your iPhone (even if it has a case on). It has room for two or three necessary cards. The wallet performs similarly to Apple's flagship but costs less. The wallet however does not give you a notification when it is connected nor it works through magsafe but it has magnets to be able to secure itself to the device.

You can order Magkota in any of its many colours.

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2. Anker Powerline III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable

The top USB-C to Lightning cable from a third party is the vibrant Anker Powerline III Flow. It is far more adaptable than the typical 4-foot cable because it is 6 feet long. This cable is known to perform like Apple's flagship cable and support the accurate fast charging without damaging your device.

According to its manufacturer, the item is also very resilient and can endure 220 pounds of weight and 25,000 bends. Additionally, the finish's soft-feel provides exceptional tactility.

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3. AirFly Pro

The de facto Bluetooth adapter is the AirFly Pro. It contains a built-in 3.5 millimetre connection that you may use to connect your wireless earphones to an in-flight entertainment system, gym equipment, or gaming console so that people nearby cannot hear what you are watching or listening to.

With the simple flip of a button, you can also use it to wirelessly stream music or directions from your iPhone to the AUX-in of your car or to a dated speaker with a headphone jack!

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4. PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro

One of the most potent chargers we've ever tested is this Spigen iPhone attachment. Because it has two 20-watt USB-C connectors, you can quickly charge two iPhones to 50% in just 30 minutes. You would only reach 20% in the same amount of time if you were using the charger that came with your iPhone!

It is able to output 40w to a device if only one port is utilized. It can recharge a tablet or small laptop at 30 watts of power if you're only utilising one of its connectors. Additionally, Spigen offers a 2-year warranty

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5. WONDERBOOM 3 Speaker

Despite its adorable small size, this waterproof speaker packs a powerful punch. The Wonderboom 23pairs with your iPhone in a matter of seconds and has a volume that can fill an entire room.

It is also extremely durable and waterproof. It's one of the few speakers that can float in addition to being able to endure a 5-foot drop and the elements. So you won't have to be concerned about losing it forever if you drop it in a body of water. It also comes in various colours to fit your needs.

Get it on Amazon now.

These are the top 5 budget accessories that can help you with your day to day tasks allowing you to feel more productive throughout the days. The products that are mentioned above are not branded by Apple which is intentionally done to allow users to experience all of the accessories at a lower price without sacrificing quality.


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