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Top 14 Flutter App Development Tools

We have mentioned top 14 most effective Flutter App Development tools that Flutter Developers can use for developing effective and user-efficient applications.

By Jatin PanchalPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Top 14 Flutter App Development Tools

At present, approximately 55% of digital media usage comes from mobile applications. It has been found that around 20% of millennials tend to open applications at least 55 times regularly as well. This fact depicts an appropriate image for the upcoming days of mobile application development. We have become dependent on mobile devices and smartphones for our daily chores, thanks to the enhanced technological developments right now.

There happens to be a mobile app for virtually every business and job. The extensive usage of mobile applications in our daily lives has resulted in sophisticated software solutions such as Flutter, which has transformed the application development industry completely.

Why go for Flutter?

Flutter is the appropriate choice for developing a cost-effective mobile app, given that it does not require massive investment. Almost identical performance and speed are delivered by Flutter apps similar to a standard native application. Nevertheless, they are likewise fantastic for developing gaming apps. It will be possible to reuse the same code on multiple platforms as well.

Flutter helps you to accumulate various features into a comprehensive design for an application. Flutter has turned out to be among the most effective options for cross-platform mobile application development. Furthermore, Flutter allows the developers to build an app comfortably as well as quickly.

Essential Flutter App Development Tools

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive list of the most effective Flutter app development tools that you can use right now for developing effective and user-efficient applications. So, let us not waste time and start right away.

1. Panache

This one is considered to be amongst the most effective Flutter app development tools trusted by any Flutter app development company out there. It will help you to create personalized material themes for the Flutter apps. It will be possible to customize the colors, shapes, and other properties exported to the Google Drive folder as the .dart file.

Panache can be used to customize and download themes for creating some astounding materials and themes for your application. Right now, over 40 million developers and testers are making use of this tool comprehensively. Furthermore, it will be possible to evaluate the codes after completing the whole coding structure.

2. Supernova

This particular tool will allow you to create UI code intended for Flutter. Recently, it introduced assistance for the Flutter platform. Its assistance for style handling and material design widgets can bring the concepts of style within a Flutter app.

It will be feasible to operate a Flutter app using Supernova side-by-side, and modifications will occur in real-time. Furthermore, Supernova will also allow you to save considerable time by importing your Sketch or Adobe XD file. Select Flutter as the platform for export which will help to modify UI design significantly to production-ready code.

3. Test Magic

Despite being a tool, Test Magic functions in a free mobile app for testing and deployment of Android and iOS beta releases. It aids in downloading CI/CD builds easily on connected devices and deploy them. You will be able to accommodate feedback and screenshots as well as upload for superior app functionality. Moreover, you can also link it to Codemagic, include its gadgets, and control provisioning profiles intended for iOS debug builds.

4. Count.ly

This particular open-source tool emphasizes the security and privacy of information. The free version of Count.ly allows you to monitor the fundamental KPIs and metrics that display how the application is functioning. Nevertheless, they likewise offer a paid version and an enhanced set of metrics plus other innovative features. It will be possible to host Count.ly’s paid version on-premise or in the cloud. This paid version offers push notifications, extra feature flags, as well as A/B testing features.

5. Adobe Plugins

This innovative plug-in was declared recently at the Flutter Interact event. This plug-in simplifies the workflow of the hire flutter developer to a great extent. It aids in producing the Dart code for the design components, and you will be able to directly place the codes to your app codebase.

Apart from this, the Adobe XD along with other plug-ins is going to be introduced in the future to the platform. As a result, it will be possible for you to use this platform in a better manner for developing astounding and engaging applications using the right plug-ins.

6. Instabug

Instabug will be the ideal solution when it comes to real-time contextual comprehension for mobile applications. Flutter application developers will be able to utilize it for bug reporting, in-app crash reporting, feature requests, and surveys. With the inclusion of Instabug’s Flutter SDK in your app, you will allow the users to report bugs that they experience without any need to leave the app.

Instabug is responsible for capturing a screenshot that can be annotated by the users as well. Apart from this, it grabs comprehensive device information and logs to enable you to discover and solve issues quite fast. It likewise sends crash reports with all the required logs and device details to aid you in addressing the current issue.

Furthermore, it will be possible for you to dispatch targeted surveys to your users to get a better understanding of the reasons responsible for your users' actions and allow them to request features as well apart from voting on them.

7. Codemagic

Codemagic is likewise one of the most effective Flutter application development tools out there. It aids in enhancing your application-building process while using the Flutter framework. It will enable you to verify and launching the apps using Codemagic. Moreover, you will be able to market your application without any complexity or issue.

You do not need any configuration for launching the app on the market if you are using Codemagic. Furthermore, you can use its innovative automation feature for testing and also creating the product. It makes the launching process quite simplified and effective as well.

8. RevenueCat

This one happens to be a subscription and in-app purchases management tool providing support for Android, iOS, and Stripe. RevenueCat will help you make and handle subscriptions easily while performing all the heavy lifting and management of the billing infrastructure. Apart from this, it monitors the performance of an application by evaluating LTV, MRR, churn, and so on.

9. Sylph

This particular open-source tool was created by Maurice McCabe, who is essentially a cover around the AWS Device Farm. By using Sylph, it will be possible to run end-to-end tests and Flutter integration on several real iOS and Android devices at a given time in the AWS Device Farm.

10. Android Studio

At present, quite a few developers who are using the Flutter platform for creating applications employ Android Studio. This happens to be amongst the most effective IDEs that will allow you to make effective applications. It provides syntax highlight procedures, widget editing support, as well as code completion features.

Besides this, it will allow you to develop and run applications on any Android device or emulator and prevents the need to download and install the Android Studio.

11. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is presently used by Flutter developers for version control, running tasks, and creating and debugging cloud plus web applications. Microsoft developed this free and open-source code editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Visual Studio Code attributes various features such as debugging support, smartphone completion, syntax highlighting, embedded GIT, and code refactoring.

Although it is lightweight and strong, it does not deal with complex workflows, usually handled by more comprehensively featured IDEs such as Visual Studio IDE. It can work with Python and C++ perfectly. It is quite simple to use and productive as well.

12. Appetize

This is online-based and fantastic when it comes to Flutter application development. It allows you to launch your applications on Android, and iOS performs quite fast. It likewise aids in running native apps on mobile devices if any user accesses the browser in HTML or JavaScript format.

Besides this, Appetize is natural for developers and users to keep up with their applications effectively. As a result, if you are creating a Flutter app, you might use it to make the introduction process more simplified and effective.

13. Screenshots

Screenshots, being amongst the most effective IDEs for Flutter application development, will allow you to capture screenshots. Besides this, it will allow you to upload the screenshots directly on the status bar. Moreover, you can just integrate these into your Flutter app as well.

This will also work transparently into Android as well as iOS platforms. In this way, Screenshots happen to be amongst the most effective Flutter app development tools, which have become extremely popular among developers.

14. Amplitude

This well-known in-app tool will allow you to comprehend how your users have been to be interacting with your app. Presently, it is a well-known Flutter development tool that will enable you to track and monitor an extensive range of information successfully while building your mobile application.


It is a fact that mobile app development happens to be a continuous procedure. It will be experiencing version updates even after going through the testing phase and after being launched on the market. The clients' requirements and the efficiency of the tools they are using must be considered by the experienced app developers out there. The tools mentioned above are amongst the most effective Flutter app development tools for the year 2021.

If you hire Flutter developers or perform the job of developing applications on your own, then Flutter will be the appropriate framework for you.

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