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Top 12 questions to ask before you opt for NetSuite integration.

by Shreya Gopal 9 months ago in list
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Makes sense to ask the right questions.

NetSuite integration is a powerful tool that lets your company operate seamlessly regardless of in-house or outsourced IT resources, and integrates with your existing NetSuite applications. Learn about a few key concepts before you start the process of integrating NetSuite.

In this blog post, we'll explore some questions that every business manager needs to ask themselves before they launch into an integration project and we'll provide the answers so you can be on your way to better success!

Question #1: What is NetSuite and what does it add to my business?

If you're a small business, IT consultant or enterprise head (President, CIO, CEO, etc.), NetSuite comes in handy when you need to track customers' sales by customer type or calculate your gross margin or even the total sales value of your product line. Presto! A spreadsheet made with NetSuite is there at your fingertips for you to use. This isn't just a good tool but also a necessary one for managing your business. As your company grows so should the capabilities of your accounting software.

NetSuite is a business management suite, and not just a spreadsheet program. Its capabilities go way beyond the features you know and use, such as creating sales invoices or keeping track of expenses. With NetSuite you can gain access to more than 200 online applications that integrate with your NetSuite accounting software.

And that's not all; NetSuite offers a whole range of financial services, including:

- a credit card processing line for your customers' transactions (like any other merchant account),

- a payment gateway with 24x7 chargeback protection (to avoid chargebacks), and

- check printing for money orders, checks and cashier's checks -- just to name a few.

#question 2 : How much does it cost?

There are no free lunches in life. That's a fact of life. It doesn't matter if you're on a budget or your company makes a killing, every company has to pay for something. The same is true for integration; there are no free lunches here, either! If you want to integrate NetSuite with an existing accounting system, the best thing you can do is ask around and get pricing from different vendors.

#question 3 : What is your company's NetSuite integration process?

Ask this question to the vendor that you're considering. When companies are setting up NetSuite integration, their CFO's and CIO's want to make sure that the process is streamlined and efficient. They want a vendor who can take care of all the things that they will have to worry about, such as installation, integration audits, updated data feeds and update notifications. Don't just take our word for it; ask other companies what they think of their chosen vendor!

#question 4 : How long does its integration process take?

The process should be smooth and as quick as possible. Not only will this please your company's executives, but it will also encourage them to use NetSuite more often. When you're looking for an integration vendor, ask them how long the process takes.

#question 5 : Is there a risk of downtime?

Oh, and if the answer is yes, that's not good! Not only does downtime hinder the efficiency of employees, but it may also cause frustration among employees. That's why you should ask about potential risks before committing to a vendor. It's better to ask now than deal with downtime later on.

#question 6 : What are the maintenance fees?

Of course, your company needs to understand what its maintenance fees are going to be. If you plan on integrating your accounting system with NetSuite, you should know up front what your expenditure will be for ongoing maintenance. You'll need the information so you can properly budget for it. If there's a risk of downtime, consider making this process a priority in your budgeting process as well.

#question 7 : Why do you want to integrate your accounting system with NetSuite?

This question should be directed at your company's CFO and CIO. If you're planning on doing this, ask them why they want to implement the integration. Ask them what the benefits are that will come with an integrated system. Find out what data is needed from your accounting system in order to provide meaningful analysis to management. Make sure that you've asked the right questions, because poorly thought out integrations can cost more than they benefit!

#question 8 : What features can my company use?

If you're looking for an integration partner, one of the most important features is ease of use. NetSuite Integration is the most intuitive and user-friendly integration option available. It helps organizations to get things up and running quickly and without difficulty.

#question 9 : What are the benefits?

When you integrate NetSuite with other systems, it becomes a valuable resource for strategic business decisions because it provides holistic insights into your company's data across platforms. NetSuite Integration's powerful analytics, dashboards, charts, graphs & reports empower you to harness your entire enterprise data on one platform with an easy-to-use interface.

#question 10 : Is my company ready to integrate with NetSuite?

The good news is that your company is probably ready for integration. The bad news is that you may not know it yet. Many companies overlook the power of analytics and end up getting left behind.

#question 11 : How long will it take to integrate?

Integration with NetSuite can be completed in a matter of days, but please note that pricing depends primarily on the number of reports and data feeds you are integrating with NetSuite into your own application, as well as how complex or specific your solution needs to be. Each of the options below can be configured to your specific business requirements.

#question 12 : How do I get started?

Finding the right solution for your company's needs is critical, but what you really want to know is, "How do I get started?" Well, here's how:

When it comes to finding the right integration solution for your company, we have a few recommendations:

In addition to NetSuite Integration, you may also want to consider: Custom Development - If you're looking for a comprehensive integration solution that involves custom development or programming of an application (or part of an application), our team of experienced developers and designers can help. You can also check out our recently launched partner program .

If you're looking for a comprehensive integration solution that involves custom development or programming of an application (or part of an application), Look for consultant who house NetSuite certified developers. NetSuite App Store - NetSuite has created more than 150 applications for clients—including dashboards, e-commerce, and enterprise resource planning tools—that are easy to buy and take advantage of.


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