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Things You Need To Know About ReactJS And How It Helped The Global Tech Giants

by Expedux Technologies Pvt Ltd 2 years ago in product review
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Read this article to know why ReactJS is one of the best Programming Language.

ReactJS is a library of JavaScript that helps to create user interfaces. It's being developed and managed by Facebook, Instagram and a community of developers and can be used to build single-page apps and mobile applications. ReactJS has been preferred by several major corporations over the other technologies such as Netflix, YouTube, SBERBANK, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Atlassian etc. to name a few— A reason compelling enough to Hire ReactJS Developer to build or improvise your App.

ReactJS also got little backlash as it functions with Virtual DOM— which means Higher data memory (RAM) is needed for the apps to function optimally.

How Netflix & Yahoo benefitted from ReactJS


Netflix's chief factors for switching to ReactJS was improved performance, simplicity of code, and ease of configuration.

As an online streaming video service, Netflix experienced serious problems with loading time. So it integrated ReactJS to fix the issue, which successfully brought down the load time, besides offering a more compelling way of viewing and exploring the web. The technology was instrumental in enhancing the user experience on both mobile and desktops.


Yahoo’s platform code base grew over the years, turning from a purely server-side web app to today's leading YUI (Yahoo! User Interface)-based smart web app.

The enterprise encountered some problems with its design model of Model-View Controller, and the things started to get more complicated. Since everything is interconnected— such as any MVC architecture, and the events are the glue that keeps it all together— Yahoo! User Interface events have a great way to manage these events. And because the code was hard to debug, the new developer delegated would have found it increasingly difficult to comprehend and fix. So, Yahoo needed some innovative features for the backend, such as:

• Predicted movement

• Autonomously deployable elements

• Shorter training timeline

• No dependence on big platform libraries

Yahoo assessed some technologies and archives to build the code but couldn't find anything conclusive until they hired ReactJS Developer alongside Flux's, which ultimately solved the problem. Here's how they benefited from the framework:

• Helped reciprocate and execute one-way reactive information stream

• Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) supports client and server-side rendering

• Code in JavaScript

• A fast-evolving and dynamic community

One of the best case of web application built through ReactJS is Facebook—The dynamic way in which the information gets refreshed every few seconds, without reloading the page is simply commendable.

ReactJS as Front End and Backend

ReactJS is a framework that constructs GUIs and runs at the front-end, which can happen on both sides as a generation. ReactJS can be used in both your backend and front-end development.

If you execute it on a server, it will produce one HTML as a string and will represent a static HTML file at the user-side.

If you are looking to develop or improvise your app or backend support, Hiring ReactJS Developer is the way to go.

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