Things to Consider Before Selecting the Right Hydraulic Cylinder

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Many hydraulic cylinders are available in the market that can satisfy one’s industrial requirement. It is important to look for a good hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to get a good product.

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Right Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is used to lift, push, press something, and in other activities within the manufacturing and production work. It comes in different styles and configurations. It gets challenging to select the right hydraulic cylinder. Before purchasing it, go for an excellent hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to understand the quality of the cylinder. It is advisable to look for a reliable manufacturer to avoid any mishaps.

The design of the hydraulic cylinder plays a vital role in its smooth functioning. The essential thing in the design of the cylinder is the right balance. Here are a few things to note while understanding the operation of the hydraulic cylinder.

1 – The Amount of Mass to be Moved

Hydraulic cylinders work at the push of a button. It is essential to consider how much weight it can handle. If the load is exceptionally high, it requires a larger cylinder or higher-pressure cylinder.

2 – The Thrusting Distance of the Cylinder

The thrusting distance of the cylinder is a small yet essential part of the machine. It also determines its ability to handle the load. The longer length can increase the pressure with a long stroke.

3 – A Standard Speed

For quality work, the hydraulic cylinder must be set at a standard speed. High or low speed can affect the performance of the cylinder. And may result in increasing the temperature and changing the entire hydraulic system.

4 – The machine should be able to handle the temperature

The cylinder has to undergo a great workout; it will be exposed to different temperatures that can affect its functioning. Hence, it is vital to select the one that can be used for long term performance.

5 – Mounting style of the hydraulic cylinder

The mounting method can directly affect the physical strength and performance of the cylinder. It must be carefully chosen so that it matches the forces that will encounter in the application. There are different types of mounting styles, such as medium and heavy-duty, depending on the requirement of the work.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing hydraulic cylinder

It can be challenging to select the ideal hydraulic cylinder. Here are a few points that can act as guidelines to avoid a few common mistakes.

1 – Changing and Experimenting with oil

A hydraulic cylinder requires oil for its smooth functioning. Without knowing or having the right knowledge of which oil is suitable for the cylinder, it is advisable not to use different oils. Doing so can damage the machine and affect its performance. It may even increase power consumption.

Secondly, frequent unwanted changing can deplete and affect the hydraulic system. When changing out, it is vital to change the whole thing rather than adding new oil to the existing batch. The only way to know when the cylinder needs oil changing is through oil analysis.

2 – Maintain the frequency of changing the Filters

Changing filters is very important. If he/she turns the filter early before all the dirt holding capacity is used up, then it is an absolute waste of money. And if the filters are changed too late, then it will affect the hydraulic system and will cost a lot more in maintenance in the long run.

Make sure that the filter is installed at the right location. The primary purpose of the filter is to collect unnecessary items and allow the machine to work smoothly.

3 – Control the temperature

Overheating of the machine is a matter of great caution. It is difficult to tell what temperature is considered too hot, as the hydraulic cylinder requires high heat for its functioning. Take the help of an expert to get an explicit knowledge about what temperature is ideal for the hydraulic cylinder.

4 – They are not self-lubricating

Every machine needs lubrication; it will not function correctly without oil. Before starting the engine or the device, it is vital to apply the necessary lubricant to build the smoothness and keep the machine from getting destroyed.

5 – Without experience, do not maintain the hydraulic cylinder

It is best not to touch the hydraulic cylinder if one does not have the necessary knowledge and experience of maintenance. Instead of fixing things, it could get worse. Hence, it is advisable not to experiment with the equipment that you are not sure about.


To conclude, every hydraulic cylinder is designed in a specified way. Hence it is vital to look for good hydraulic cylinder manufacturers who are experienced in this field and provide excellent service. It is essential that before buying a hydraulic cylinder, one must confirm the specifications from the manufacturer. I will assist the manufacturer in understanding the requirement and suggests the right type and configuration of the cylinder.

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