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The Xbox Series X, available exclusively in digital format, is said to be launching sometime between June and July of this year.

After the charmingly digital leaks..

By ZenXPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Xbox Series X has been leaked, hinting at its upcoming release as the next-gen console.

The new all-white digital-only Xbox Series X is expected to have the same powerful hardware as the original console, but without a disc drive, making it more compact and streamlined. This version is aimed at gamers who prefer to download their games digitally rather than purchasing physical copies.

The sleek design of the all-white console is said to be a departure from the traditional black color scheme of previous Xbox consoles, giving it a more modern and minimalist look. It is also rumored to come with a new controller design to match the aesthetic of the console.

With the rise of digital gaming and streaming services, Microsoft's decision to release an all-digital version of the Xbox Series X makes sense. It allows them to cater to a growing segment of gamers who prefer the convenience and accessibility of digital downloads.

Overall, the launch of the all-white digital-only Xbox Series X is highly anticipated by fans and is expected to be a significant addition to Microsoft's gaming lineup. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches.

According to eXtas1s, who claims to have viewed confidential footage of the new console, the digital-only version of the Xbox Series X will eliminate the optical disc drive found in the original model. Additionally, it will feature an improved heatsink and upgraded Nexus card. While the color scheme will be inverted to white, all other aspects of the console are expected to remain the same.

Last year, there were rumors of an all-digital Xbox Series X with a new cylindrical design, a front-facing USB-C slot, improved wi-fi, a refreshed controller, and reduced power consumption. However, eXtas1s' report does not mention any of these features, suggesting that this revision may be less extensive.

The earlier design raised concerns that Microsoft might be moving towards eliminating physical media entirely, especially after reports of significant layoffs in the games retail teams. Phil Spencer, addressing these concerns, stated that Microsoft still supports physical media but aims to cater to the preferences of the majority of their customers, who are currently purchasing games digitally.

While today's report of a new digital-only Xbox Series X release this summer is noteworthy, it remains unofficial until Microsoft makes an official announcement. Interestingly, the company has confirmed that there will be more Xbox hardware news this year, although these reveals are expected to align with the "holiday" season rather than a potential June-July console refresh release window.

In addition to confirming the release of four Xbox-exclusive games on PlayStation 5 and Switch, Microsoft also announced that they are working on the development of the next Xbox console. This reassured fans who were worried about Microsoft leaving the console market. Microsoft emphasized that the upcoming Xbox will bring about a major technological advancement in the history of gaming hardware.

Microsoft has announced its intention to update the Xbox Series X console in 2024 with a fresh design and enhanced features. Referred to as Brooklin, this upcoming console refresh was inadvertently disclosed in recent FTC v. Microsoft filings.

The redesigned Xbox Series X will sport a noticeably cylindrical appearance compared to its predecessor and will not include a disc drive. According to confidential internal documents from Microsoft, the new console will boast 2TB of storage (an increase from 1TB), a front-facing USB-C port with power delivery, and an innovative, more immersive controller.

The forthcoming controller, known as Sebile, is scheduled to be unveiled in the early months of the upcoming year at a price of $69.99. This advanced controller will incorporate an accelerometer, allowing users to effortlessly awaken the gamepad by simply lifting it. It boasts a visually appealing two-tone color scheme and will offer seamless connectivity to the cloud, Bluetooth 5.2, and an upgraded "Xbox Wireless 2" connection. Microsoft has also highlighted the inclusion of "precision haptic feedback" and "VCA haptics double as speakers" as notable specifications for this controller. Additionally, it will feature buttons and thumbsticks that produce less noise, a rechargeable and interchangeable battery, and the convenience of modular thumbsticks.

The exact definition of "modular" in this context remains uncertain. It could imply that the joystick tops can be easily swapped, similar to Microsoft's Elite gamepads, or it could potentially encompass more sophisticated modules akin to those found in Sony's Dualsense Edge. Sony's DualSense controllers prominently showcase VCA haptics, which technically have the capability to function as speakers.

Microsoft has incorporated Wi-Fi 6E support and a Bluetooth 5.2 radio into the new design of the Xbox Series X. Additionally, the company has made the existing die smaller, measuring at 6nm, in order to enhance efficiency. According to Microsoft's document, the power supply unit (PSU) will be reduced by 15 percent. It is worth noting that Microsoft aims to maintain the launch price of the Xbox Series X at $499.

Microsoft has outlined a roadmap for the upcoming Xbox Series X console and controller, as well as a refreshed Xbox Series S model boasting 1TB of storage. The company recently introduced a refreshed Xbox Series S in black, hinting at another potential refresh in 2024 featuring Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.2, along with the new Xbox controller.

In addition, Microsoft has mentioned the possibility of console customization through the Xbox Design Lab program as part of its goals for 2030. However, leaked documents suggest that this initiative is not yet fully funded. The discussion also includes a new Elite controller, expected to receive the same updates as the standard controller refresh.

Tentatively, Microsoft plans to release the new Xbox Series S refresh in September, followed by the Xbox Series X refresh in November.

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