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The Top Trends in Neon Light Signs for Room Decor

neon light signs

By crazy neonPublished 12 months ago 4 min read


Did you know that neon light signs, which were mostly utilized for commercial purposes, are now a popular trend for interior decor? They have become a go-to statement piece for bringing individuality and flair to any environment because of their brilliant, bold colors and unique designs.

Neon light signs come in a variety of styles, from minimalist to complicated forms and patterns, and are an excellent way to show your particular style and make the room your own. In this blog, we'll look at the best trends in neon light signs for room decor, so you can choose the right sign to fit your particular style and create a one-of-a-kind area that genuinely feels like home.

Current Trends in Neon Light Signs for Room Decor

● Minimalism

Minimalism is a popular interior design trend, so it's no wonder that it's making its way into neon light signs. Minimalist neon signs have simple shapes and designs, single-word or simple phrase signs. These signs don’t have fancy fonts or intricate designs.

For example, a neon sign that says "LOVE" in a simple font might be an excellent addition to a bedroom, especially if you are married. It's basic but eye-catching, and it brings a sense of warmth and cheerfulness to any room.

● Nature-Inspired Designs

Another popular trend in neon light signs is nature-inspired patterns. Neon signs shaped as plants, flowers and animals are hung on the walls to bring the outside indoors in your room. It can be a good addition to your room, especially if you don't get time to go outdoors.

For example a rose neon sign can be a good addition in a room of a newly wed couple or a dog shaped neon sign will add a playful vibe in the room of an animal lover.

This deer neon sign from CrazyNeon can be a great indoor nature-inspired decor item.

● Signs that are personalized and unique

Custom and personalized light-up signs are becoming increasingly popular. These signs offer a personal touch to any location, whether it's a sign with your name or initials or a custom-designed sign with a unique form and color. It can be your favorite football team or a cheeky quote.

A neon sign with the initials "J & S" in a warm pink, for example, can be a lovely addition to a couple's bedroom. A custom-designed neon sign in the shape of a music note with a music lover's name in a brilliant yellow color, on the other hand, can lend a playful and creative touch to a living room.

● Retro-Inspired Signs

In this fast paced modern world, it always feels good to step back and feel nostalgia. Retro-style neon signs can exactly do that for you. They are commonly seen in vintage themed bars and restaurants but it can also be a good addition to your room decor.

For example, you can surprise your car enthusiast friend with a vintage car neon sign for his room. Another example can be a neon cassette tape sign in neon pink can also offer a funky and nostalgic touch to a music room.

● Geometric Patterns

Geometric shapes in neon light signs for rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Neon signs with geometric designs, from simple forms to intricate patterns, offer a modern and edgy vibe to any environment.

For example, a vivid blue neon sign with a lightning bolt can provide a dramatic and vibrant touch to a bedroom or home office. A neon diamond sign in a light pink color can create a glamorous and sophisticated environment in a living area.

Tips and tricks to incorporate new neon sign trends in your room

Incorporating current neon sign trends into your area may be a fun and exciting way to add a splash of color and personality. Here are some suggestions on how to go about it:

● The most important tip is to select a design that shows your individuality and style while also complementing the existing decor in your room.

● Consider the size and placement of the neon sign in your room before purchasing it. A large sign in a tiny place may not look appealing, whereas a small sign in a larger room may become invisible.

● To create an integrated and visually pleasing display, consider placing the sign above a piece of furniture or artwork.

● Neon signs work best in low-light environments, when their bright colors stand out. Other lighting features, such as lamps or string lights, can be used to improve the mood of the room and create a pleasant and inviting feel.


Neon signs have become popular in interior design in recent years, and for good reason. They provide a distinctive and individualized approach to infusing character and color into any setting, resulting in a warm and comfortable ambiance.

If you are looking to add a glow of neon light to your room, you must check out CrazyNeon. They manufacture and sell high-quality neon signs for every occasion. From weddings to birthdays, from bars to home decor. You can also get customized neon lights for your room manufactured according to your needs using their design tool or upload logo/design feature. Visit their website to learn more about their products.

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