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The Science of Skin Brightening: How Do Skin Brightening Products Work?

Looking for ways to brighten up your skin? Read on...

By Elysiann GlorryPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
The Science of Skin Brightening: How Do Skin Brightening Products Work?
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When the terms like hydrating, moisturizing, anti-ageing are quite self explanatory in skin care products, terms like skin brightening leaves a room for some explanation as in what it means and what it intends to claim. It is confusing to a lot of people whether skin brightening cream is the same as skin lightening or skin whitening creams.

So buckle up and continue to read as we are going to discuss all about the skin brightening process and skin brightening products here.

What exactly is skin brightening?

First thing to mention here is skin brightening is not the same as skin whitening, it does not focus on reducing the numbers on the shade scale. Skin brightening products mostly focus on giving the skin a vibrant, clearer texture, reducing hyperpigmentation and prodive a youthful glow. You would like to consider a skin brightening product in your daily skin care routine when the skin feels dull and lacking its natural glow.

Before diving deep about brightening let us first discuss the reasons behind damage and dullness of the skin.

Causes behind dull skin

Multiple factors can aggravate the problem, however according to a famous journal, the main cause behind dull skin is when dead skin cells create a layer on the surface of the skin, it absorbs the shine of the skin and the skin appears dull.

Other factors like excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, dehydration, hormonal imbalance, skin aging, menopause and smoking can also make the skin dull , dehydrated and lack of natural glow.

Process of skin brightening: does a brightening product actually work!

While using make up can give the glow and dewy skin for some time, to get a long lasting skin brightening few proven methods are there, you can try your hand on to get it tested. Skin brightening is not a single step thing, it is a process. Let us discuss clearly to make you understand better.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells from the skin surface and make the skin soft and restore its shine. Physical or natural exfoliation and chemical exfoliation are the , you can opt for anyone as per your convenience and skin type. Physical exfoliation includes brushing, using natural scrub like mixture of sugar and coffee and other DIYs. Whereas chemical exfoliation includes chemical peel, readymade scrub and so on, which are easily available online. Using any exfoliation method and product is a must for the skin brightening process.

Moisturisation ; After exfoliating, moisturizing the skin to prevent dryness and to replenish the moisture of the skin is very important. It also acts as a barrier to protect skin from environmental factors like sun rays and pollutants. According to the skin type and skin problems you can find different types of moisturizers. It can be a hydrating lotion, a brightening serum or a deep moisturizing cream. They are easily available online as well as in market opt according to the need but do not skip this process to get a brighter skin.

Using a face roller: Face roller is used to reduce puffiness and to tighten the skin, which in turn gives a glowy wrinkle free bright face. Face rollers should be used with oil and moisturizer. Using it thoroughly and properly will give a wonderful result.

Laser treatment: In case of hyperpigmentation and extreme situation of dryness you can consider laser treatment as well. But before going for a laser treatment you should consult a specialist.

Apart from the discussed process, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good food habits, using sun protection, and proper sleep can improve the overall skin health and texture in the long run.

Benefits of skin brightening

Skin brightening can effectively reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scars and skin discoloration and give the healthy glow that the skin needs. Skin brightening products have double duty to perform, it not only gives the moisture but also provides antioxidants to the skin. Thus most people prefer skin brightening products over a simple moisturizer or serum. However you should check the ingredient list of your brightening skin care product.

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Skin brightening products work wonders on most of the skin but in some cases it may increase skin sensitivity which can cause burning sensation, itching and redness. Most importantly it may not work as effectively on darker skin as it works on lighter skin. And applying skin brightening products only on dark spots or scars can sometimes highlight the scars more than your skin, so it is better to apply the product all over the face instead of applying on the affected area. Most importantly, always check the ingredients and it's effective to select the best suited product for your skin.

Final thought

Every skin color and skin texture is beautiful as long as you are comfortable in your own skin,though if you want to reduce any scar or pigmentation or make the skin smoother with a vibrant shine you should consider skin brightening products in your daily skin care routine. Including skin brightening processes with a healthy lifestyle can give you all the skin benefits you want from skin brightening products.

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