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The role of television today

Undoubtedly, it would be foolish to think that with the advent of the Internet, the role of television has receded into the background, since most of the population watches the content of interest in the global network

By Shiraz KahnPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Undoubtedly, it would be foolish to think that with the advent of the Internet, the role of television has receded into the background, since most of the population watches the content of interest in the global network. It should be noted that this is more about watching small videos on the service YouTube, spending time in social networks, and other similar operations. But look around, because you have the misconception that almost no one watches TV these days. Even in your home, except for you, everyone watches TV, and you casually glance around yourself. Of course, you can not deny the convenience of the Internet. Let's take a look at what the Internet has brought us and what disadvantages it has over television.

Advantages and disadvantages of viewing content on the web

  • The most significant advantage of watching movies on the Internet, for example, is in the absence of advertising. This applies, of course, to legal content. On third-party online resources that offer to watch this or that movie, there are ads everywhere, which is the order that pisses a person off. Even these very same slot machines, casinos, or company commercials - all of this makes a person hate the product rather than take an interest. But think about it, the people who created that site also need to eat and drink, and for movies, you do not want to pay, so then get the annoying advertising banners and commercials. Can you believe it, downloading a movie from the same iTunes, you won't get ads or anything like that.

  • The next plus will be the high-quality picture and sound (if the output devices support these features). You can watch the movie in HD or FULL HD quality if your Internet speed allows you to do so. For example, on television you can not enjoy this quality, even cable TV is not all channels in high resolution. It's much nicer to download the film, burn it on a flash drive and play it on the big screen, or watch it while you're lying in bed on your tablet or phone. In general, everyone can find a way.

  • And the next feature will refer to both the advantages and disadvantages. It's open access to all kinds of content. On the one hand, you can watch exactly what you like or read-only those articles that you will be interested in. But in this kind of information risks remain unknown, as television in this regard has its advantages.

  • The next disadvantage of watching movies on the Internet will be that not always the connection speed allows you to watch movies in high quality, and if the satellite TV has an HD channel with movies, you can enjoy a nice picture and its high resolution, because not everyone is connected to a high-speed connection.

What is IPTV and what does it do?

  • IPTV is an upgraded technology, which is the viewing of television content. It turns out that you don't need additional cables, antennas, satellite dishes, or other similar equipment to use this technology. All you need for IPTV is a TV or a computer with an Internet connection. However, it is worth noting that to view IPTV you will need a special TV set-top box or additional software for your computer. This way of watching TV has a huge number of advantages:

  • First, the quality of picture and sound is much higher than that of conventional TV (cable, satellite). That is, you can easily watch any luxury movie in the highest quality (HD or FULL HD).

  • Secondly, the ability to use other Internet resources (online movie theaters, games, and others). You can also create your playlist, so you can watch "with one click" instead of rewinding channels yourself.

  • There is no need for additional wires, cables, antennas, satellite dishes, as all you need is an Internet cable.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of TV channels (depending on the service provider), that is, you can connect the package you need, which will have the channels that fully meet your requirements.

  • The updated list of technologies supporting IPTV. You will have new features and services that will make watching TV even more convenient and comfortable.

  • You can record the broadcast content. For example, if your favorite program is broadcast at the same time as another, which you do not want to miss, then you can use this wonderful feature.

  • This is not all the advantages of IPTV over regular cable or satellite TV. There are many more advantages, which can be noticed at work, here the main thing is to choose the best iptv provider.

Differences from regular Internet video streaming

  • You might be thinking, why buy IPTV when you can just watch TV online? But you have to understand the difference between the two. For starters, there are a very small number of channels that broadcast freely. Even if it is possible to watch a particular channel, it will be of low quality. While you search for a page on the Internet with the desired TV channel, your nerves are likely to fail, so you just go and turn on a regular TV. Also, more often than not, ISPs provide Internet access and IPTV functions together or at a low cost.

  • You can also confuse IPTV with special set-top boxes, which are now gaining popularity: Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, and other similar equipment. They all allow you to turn your TV into a powerful multimedia device, which has huge advantages over conventional TVs. However, simply watching TV channels this way will not be enough, so it is important to assess your needs correctly, so then do not be disappointed in your choice.


  • Today we have got acquainted with such a wonderful modern technology as IPTV. It allows you to watch TV content over the Internet, which gives a lot of advantages over conventional television, so think about it, perhaps it is time to keep up with the times and to change the old equipment for new compact devices.


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