The New Technological Age

The Purpose of Computation integration on demand

The New Technological Age
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Computation integration on demand had a real problem to solve in its quest to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Invented by Matthew Scott Primous in America and spread across seas to Japan, Europe, and Germany. It was on its way to becoming a global movement in technology being commemorated in 2007 and given a high-tech medallion. It was bold with its mission"This invention combines optical technology of nanotechnology to produce accessible and reliable data processing. The invention increases security by demanding three key chips to access it. The key chips are the central controls and power-source of the invention. The invention will revolutionize the way computers are used. Technology suggests the advancement of previous computer technology to simplicity. It uses wireless technology to provide greater accessibility. The main claim of this invention is to provide simple data processing."

1- This invention provides security, reliability, and simplicity by allowing individuals to process data information through voice and touch. The invention was crafted to be more accurate than its predecessors. It was supposed to be harder to trace for hackers and con-artists by using something as simple as touch and voice combined the interaction would be guaranteed low crime access. This technology was supposed to change the world and the way computers are used today envisioned over 20 years ago. The security would come from known knowledge that everybody has their fingerprint and no fingerprint was ever the same. Voice accuracy would confirm identity because computers can easily be discerning failed impression and the combination would be revealed if the person is who they say they are.

2- Wherein it provides security, battery power, data programming, and access through the key chips when inserted into their hard drives. These key chips were no ordinary microchips but super-powered chips that will automatically stop a virus or an invasion by simply not locking in. It's like if your computer was built like a body cutting off diseases and infections by merely not interacting with its other members. Thus, protecting the data stored and regenerating the computer by replacing the infected part with newer technologies. Computers would live longer and have more value for consumers by having these workable parts. Even the software would be easy to replace because it would be a hardware and software combination, the genius is making software becoming a physical, tangible form to add security and not just complexity but also redeeming qualities to the computer. Computers would become a lifelong investment.

3- Consisting essentially of nanotechnology, phonetic technology, wireless technology, and optical technology to produce accessibility and reliability for individuals. The computer would be able to function at a micro level, not just mezzo and macro. The micro-level meaning robots level being able to do things that a person might do and reach places that people can go. Freeing the computer of its restraint and making it a part of human life, where we can formulate new medical devices and monitor the society in a better way, not based on data from the past but new flowing data from present reactions. Mezzo is having the computer do the work of human beings, the inventor never intended the replacement of the human workforce on other hand, a guide that can help the workforce work more efficiently and guaranteed concentration along with the focus on duties and responsibilities. The invention is supposed to guide and help, not compete, and tear apart humanity. Macro would be education, computers can learn from us and we can learn from them. This invention wants computers to give us the full learning experience and to be able to trust the computer by holding dear memories as an investment in our lives.

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