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The latest update on iPhone iOS 14.2 - It is beyond emojis

by Ashish Parmar 2 years ago in tech news
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iOS 14.2 Features: Things to Know About the iOS 14.2 Update

Every new thing that Apple does creates a buzz in the industry and becomes the ‘talk of the tech town’

The newest iOS version, iOS 14 is better than ever and has for all the right reasons have become the crowd favorite. Now the latest update in iOS, iOS 14.2 is out for both the mobile phone and the iPad. The newest version of iOS is the second major update giving by the mobile tech company after iOS 14 was first release in September 2020.

Apple iOS 14.2 has fixed the bugs that were creating nuisance for the users in the previous version with the ‘new emojis’ section being the centre of attraction. There are over a 100 emojis added which you can use to make your chats more creative and personalized. But hang on, the latest features in iOS 14.2 are more and beyond than just the newly added emojis.

Excited? We will explore the upgrades now.

New Emojis

The new iOS 14.2 update includes 13 new characters in the emoji section. Apple traditionally includes new emojis in the iOS version every fall and this time too, the new inclusions are

• Pinched fingers

• Smiling face with tear

• Anatomical heart

• Black cat

• Polar bear

• Fly

• Dodo

• Tamale

• Black pepper

• Wand

• Feather

• Hut

• Potted plant

If you wish to find out how you can update the new iOS 14.2 to get all the new emojis, you can have a look here.

Music Recognition toggle

When you upgrade your iOS now, you will find a new toggle in the control center named as Music recognition toggle. The music recognition toggle is the integration of the Shazam app which is owned by Apple in the new iOS operating system. The benefit that the music recognition toggle would have is that it will let the users discover new music playing around them and will recognize the music in the app even when the user is not wearing Air Pods.

To add the music recognition toggle, the procedure is

Settings>Control Center>Activate control center>tap on Shazam icon

The latest update in iOS also has a new and redesigned ‘Now playing’ widget that will show the users the list of the latest music and albums played by them. The user can listen to the recently played tracks when no music is playing. In addition this, the new improved interface for AirPlay will make it easier for the users to play music across the compatible devices.

Enhanced camera features for iPad

The iOS 14.2 update for iPad brings new and improved camera features for the iPad users. The new update adds in A14 camera functionality which was also the part of the iPhone 12 lineup. The a14 camera has scene detection feature that amalgamated AI with image recognition and improves the quality of the photos taken. In addition to it, the auto FPS reduces the rate of the frame and thus good quality videos can be captured even in low light.

The updates in iOS 14.2 in the camera will bring in joy to the face of the users and make the image capturing process simpler and more enterprising.


Intercom will help the family members to communicate in an effective manner through the HomePod speakers via the updated iOS devices. Be it iPhone, CarPlay, iPad, Apple watch, all the user needs to say ‘Hey Siri, Intercom’ in order to activate Intercom. The Intercom once activated can also be used when people are away.

Designated devices or HomePods can be used to send the message within the household with Intercom. Notification pops up when a message is sent through Intercom. The user however has the option to either view the notification or hear the audio message through the HomePod.

Advances in Apple Watch

Apple watch will have many changes in the latest features of iOS14.2. The design has been given a little tweak in the new update. In addition to this, the users can update the Apple watch with the new Solo Loop Apple Watch bands.

Whether you are using Apple watch SE or Apple Watch series 6, the new updates in iOS 14.2 will have similar impacts on the design of the wearable.

Better Apple Card features

The new features in Apple card in iOS 14.2 will enable the users to manage their expenses through the card in a proper manner. The Apple card users in the upgraded features of iOS 14.2 will get a spending history of theirs on a yearly basis. With the help of the history, the users can know how much they have spent and what is the daily cash amount that they have earned through the Apple card.

In the previous versions of iOS, the limit of spending activity through the Apple card was either on a weekly or a monthly basis. The yearly basis thing can prove to be more beneficial for the users.

Emphatic wall papers

iOS 14.2 has total eight new wallpaper options for the users which look more realistic and artistic at the same time. In addition to this, the wallpapers will look very different when the user opts for the light mode or the dark mode.

As the wallpapers are made for both the modes, it will give a different look and feel to the users when they switch the mode and thus enhance the display of the iPhone or the iPad.

Low vision People detection

In the present times, social distancing and wearing a mask are the two most useful options to prevent oneself from the spread of the corona virus. For this, Apple has added a new ‘People Detection’ feature in the upgraded version of iOS 14.2.

The feature will not only help the people with low vision to locate how far the people are but it will also be a handy tool which will help the user to maintain social distancing. This feature in the Magnifier app uses the camera lens and aware the iPhone users about the distance of the people they are interacting with.

Who all can use iOS 14.2?

The latest iPhone update is available for all the devices that are compatible with iOS 13. Therefore, users who have 7Th generation iPod touch and iPhone 6s or newer phones can easily update their device to the latest version iOS 14.2 and enjoy the emphatic features presented.

The users with iOS 13 and above will receive the notification to update the version automatically. But if this is not the case, you can manually update by going to

Settings> General> Software updates

Peek into the future

By rolling out the new updates of iOS 14.2, Apple has given a major insight of what it has in store for the future for its users. The feature update has shown that Apple realizes the impact its competitors have had over the years on their user base and thus making user-centric app has no longer remained a luxury but has become the need of the hour.

The next version of update iOS 14.2.1 will depend on the user feedbacks of iOS 14.2 otherwise the developers would have no hesitation in moving for the next version iOS 14.3

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