The GN41 [email protected] Mini PC! What a Find!

Mini PCs are in!

The GN41 4K@60Hz Mini PC! What a Find!

The GN41 [email protected] Mini PC

I have been a techie since 1981. I have worked on, programmed, and built many computers in my lifetime. I have always preferred tabletop computers and only started using alternative forms of hardware since the year 2000. I have used everything from The Commodore 64 to The Apple IIC. I have built, repaired, and programmed in many different languages also.

So when I saw the new mini PCs come out a few years ago, I was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to try it right away, but enough to follow the tech savvy magazines and tech circles that I frequent to stay in the know. The more I learned about mini PCs, the more I wanted to try one for myself. So, about a year ago, I started my search to find one to test out.

My search brought me to a small computer company called Kodlix. They make other computer products and electronics like most computer companies today, but their mini PC really caught my eye. So I checked it out thoroughly. I found that the power was the same as I have come to expect in a full-size desktop. The speed was also the same, if not better than most full-size desk tops. It has a generous amount of USB ports at 2.0 or higher speeds also.

The Kodlix Mini PC also does not need a fan either! Yes. You read that right. No fan. There are no components inside this little case that require cooling. This is a big plus considering that almost all full-size desktops, laptops, and tablets heat up. This eliminates the need for any cool at all. Way to go, Kodlix. Another great feature of the mini PC is that it can be mounted directly to the back of your monitor or TV set. How is that for saving on space?

The Kodlix Mini PC is fast also. I have had many full-size desk tops over the years, but I must say that this one is in the top three when it comes to speed. Kodlix really streamlined their product here and made it fast, silent, and powerful. I can boot up in less than a minute and I am off to the races in no time. You have every feature that a full-size desktop has without all the bulk. I must ask why it took the industry so long to come out with this wonderful product.

Now I must interject a few minor things. First, I advise you to be a little tech savvy before you buy this product. You need to have all of your peripherals that go with a full-size desktop just like always, and you will have to be able to choose the right components to complement your new mini PC properly. Read your specifications for your mini PC before you buy it, so you will have everything you need to get started.

My Kodlix PC needed a Wi-Fi adaptor or booster to help it connect to my Wifi server. The Kodlix PC is powerful enough to connect to Wifi, but the Wi-Fi speed was slower than the maximum bandwidth that the specifications said it was capable of. It was a quick and easy fix. I simply bought a USB Wifi adaptor and now I am always at my maximum bandwidth. It was an easy fix with no real fuss. Everything else works like a dream.

Also, mini PCs don’t have a lot of internal storage space. So you will need an external hard drive of some kind if you don’t already have one. You can use a USB jump drive or an external hard drive. Either one will suffice. Don’t let this deter you. Most computers today utilize external storage for more capacity anyway, so just do it.

So, if you are still on the fence about mini PCs, I say dive right in. They are a great product and they save you a lot of space. Oh, I must admit that I still have my old full-size desktop computer, but I don’t use it anymore. Keep in mind, mini PCs might not be your best choice if you're an avid gamer—you might also want to check this: Gifts for Gamers

Do you have an opinion about this article? Of course, you do. Let me know what you think or tell me about your experience with mini PCs.

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