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The future in tech

by Zahid H Javali 4 months ago in product review
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From liquid batteries and camera trousers to teleportation and air scooters, the future could soon be now!

You take off today and arrive yesterday. That’s the power of technology. With prototypes being developed all the time, these give glimpses of a future that could well be possible. Like the wirelessly controlled beetle which could one day be used for surveillance or search-and-rescue missions. Or the creation of an entirely new type of data storage ‘racetrack memory’ device using magnetic nanowires that could replace all other forms of computer memory and lead to tiny, rugged, and inexpensive portable devices. The future is uncertain, but the promises are many. Here are a few emerging technologies that could be manna from heaven.

Liquid Battery

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you go to Stanford or Harvard. But if you want to become an inventor, you go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Here is where you will find future tech you can use. Donald Sadoway is such a scientist. A materials chemistry professor, he has developed a liquid battery that could store enough electricity to allow cities to run on solar power at night. An expert on batteries, he has spent a significant part of his research on how to increase their life. And this seems to be just what the environment ordered.

Camera Trousers to Invisible Suits

Remember non-digital cameras? Well I suspect that my grandchildren will look at a digital camera in the same way: outdated. Today, a camera need not be just a camera; it can be on your phone or computer and soon maybe even in your pants. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed cables composed of photo-sensitive fibre. When arranged in two layers, it can calculate both the colour and placement of light to produce a colour image. Fused with LCD fabric, this technology could produce an invisible suit. While researchers haven’t outlined specific applications, speculators suspect that combat uniforms that document battle wounds and chemical sensing clothing are not far behind. Of course, this technology has applications far beyond the realm of clothing: ingestible cameras will certainly make gastrointestinal exams much easier and less painful.

Star Trek Teleportation

While Star Trek teleportation is not yet a reality, information can be teleported between two atoms that are a metre apart. This was demonstrated on January 22, 2009 by Christopher Monroe of the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland. While the feat has been achieved between photons (a quantum of electromagnetic radiation or unit of light) and even between photons and atoms, never before has information travelled between two atoms without the aid of a third atom. However, in the future, impossible is nothing.

Air Scooter

Everything is pretty much in place. NASA has created ‘The Highway in the Sky’ to allow millions of people to fly wherever, whenever they please in their own vehicles. One of several inventors, Woody Norris has built the AirScooter, which will be available for purchase shortly and can fly 55 mph for 2 hours. Already on the market is a personal helicopter from the Gene Corporation of Japan. So what’s the world waiting for? Let’s fly.


Here is what I want technology to do for me. What’s your wishlist? The ‘comments’ section is for you.

Free Fuel – In whatever form as long as it keeps flowing and is portable.

Time Travel — Every scientist’s wet dream.

Protective Force Field — Because sticks and stones do hurt.

Mind Reading Phones - Because we want to save our breath!

Machines that Heal with Touch - Everybody wants to be healthy!

Shape-shifting Chairs - The height of ergonomics for the finest comfort to your back!

AI Video Editors - No need of manually editing all your YouTube videos! The AI does it for you by cutting out the pauses, the repetitions, the duplicate footage, the stuttering, the retakes, and so on.

AI Writers - All you have to do is give them the concept, and the AI software will write the entire story for you. While this kind of software is already appearing on the horizon, I am looking at tech that matures over time, and becomes near perfect!

product review

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Writer (https:www.zahidjavali.com), Editor, Content Marketer (https://www.writewing.in), Journalist (https://www.residentswatch.in) and author on Substack (https://repdiary.substack.com).

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