The Four Biggest Trend in Technology

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The Four Biggest Trend in Technology

In the previous article, we saw four other technologies that are growing and rising in popularity in this year 2020. Technology has rapidly evolved at such a quick pace that we now live in a time where digital intelligence is used in Spotify, YouTube and even Google to quickly automate the process and speed of web and mobile applications. Netflix uses AI to study your movie and series choices, then show various series that soothe your style.

The growth in technology has led to the rise and surge of various technologies that would lead to a loss if companies and individuals did not become acquainted with it. Let’s look at 4 other important trends that are shaping our digital world.

Computer Vision

Vision in the computer world usually involves a software that is able to identify various items, objects, places or even people from visual images or collected by a camera or sensor. I am sure one thing that comes to mind would be Google ReCaptcha that can identify if you picked a car or train to ensure you are human. An advanced form of this technology would allow a smartphone camera to recognise which part of the image that is being used to capture a face such as Google Image Search.

The growth in computer vision could even see self driving cars to be able to view and navigate from dangers which thereby reduces the risk of getting in an accident. In the manufacturing industry, one could use computer vision to monitor defective products and even be able to alert if there is something out of the ordinary without regularly watching 24/7.

Another area where computer vision is used would be in the aspect of enabling face recognition and is even used in the Dubai airport by using Apple FaceID to provide a better experience during customers travel.


Cybersecurity might not really seem like an emerging or rising technology, is also another form of technology that is evolving just like the previous rising ones. Why might you ask? Well look at it this way, threats in the IT world are growing rapidly and many malicious hackers are discovering new ways to illegally access data and act malicious even in the face of the toughest security measures put in place.

Due to this demand, there is a strong need for IT professionals in the cyber security field and has led to it’s massive growth as it is sought 3 times faster than any other tech job. The role ranges from being an ethical hacker to that of a security engineer, and most jobs usually come with a good pay of six figures.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Nowadays, there are several devices that are built with the feature to work with WiFi which implies it can be connected to the internet and communicate with other devices. The Internet of things is already the future now has devices enabled with the internet in your devices, home appliances, cars and even other devices that can pass data over the Internet. The growth is rapid as at 2017, there were about 8.4 billion devices but it's estimated to reach 30 billion devices in the year 2020.

The IOT has helped in the development of Smart devices that can help us lock our door remotely, or seeing who is ringing our doorbell from the comfort of your living room. We can also use it to track our fitness and health such as using Fitbits when exercising. In the aspect of business, IOT can even better safety, efficiency and decision making and analyse the data that is collected.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality is a term that mostly covers several similar technologies that stimulate a digital experience. This you might have heard in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. You might have seen on social media platforms of individuals who wear this cool X men head gear and start screaming and rolling over like crazy people. VR enables you to experience a computer generated world that blends the real world or reality.

Augmented reality on the other hand allows you to put digital objects onto the real world via smartphones or other devices. There was a time many people were able to augment real life objects such as wolves, or even a lion in the real world. One of the most popular systems that use AR would be Snapchat filters.

Mixed reality allows users to interact with digital objects in the real world and has even been used in the gaming industry. Oculus Rift and Vive headsets simulate a state of the art video games and even smartphone features in popular games such as Pokemon Go. Extended reality would have a huge growth especially in simulating training and being able to learn how to interact with customers.

In all, the growth of technology is tremendous and there are various benefits in it’s investment and driving of positive change. The question left would be how well would you embrace or reject this coming change and where would you be.

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