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The features of design

by Manik Roy about a month ago in thought leaders
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The elements of design

The features of design
Photo by Kumpan Electric on Unsplash

It is a collection of imagined lines. For designing, you have to draw lines to get the shape of the formation that you are looking for, as you have to be imaginative and resourceful about it. Keep your eyes and ears open around your environment, as it will help you to put your gathered resources into your design work. Nature itself provides trillions of ideas for design concepts. Actually, the design depends on form, condition, usability, visibility, originality, and efficiency. The form of design has to be followed by the golden ratio of composition. It makes any form precisely accurate in terms of composition, as it helps to make a design more vivid and lively.

Round, rectangle, square, and triangle shapes are all possible. They have different uses. Our round form is always soothing to our vision because of its roundness, as our eyes revolve around the curved line continuously. Whenever the rectangular form is concerned, there is no continuous visual along the line, as this creates a line, not a curve. Usually, visual travel stops at the four intersections of the rectangle. Therefore, our eyes get discontinuance in the process of visual relief. The triangle form develops the poison arrows at the three intersections of the triangle. The poison arrows contradict the essence of the design.

Designs are of different types, like automobiles, industrial, architecture, websites, aeroplanes, jewellery, and so many more. Automobile design consists of some parameters like ergonomics, sleek finish, fresh-looking, user-friendly, etc., which you have to keep in mind when you are designing an automobile prototype. You can take the idea from nature, as you may get some clues on how objects in nature were built. Suppose you like to design the upper portion of a car. Just look at the small mound in nature, and you will see the ultimate prototype that nature built for your inspiration.

If you want to design an electronic circuitry for a car, you should look at a bird’s-eye view of a river system in nature to help you draw the traces in the circuitry. You can get the concept of designing the engine of the car from the hydrothermal vent of the deep ocean. For industrial design, you can look at starfish, etc., as you will be bemused after observing it. A squid can be an inspiration for designing a space station. An octopus is also an inspiration for the airport terminal.

If you want to draw the design of a dam, just look at the sand dunes in the desert, where you will get the maximum inspiration for your design resources. Stingray fish are a great source of inspiration for designing bomber aircraft. If you want to create a missile, you can get an idea from the swordfish. These are some examples that you can be aware of, as you may also search and collect from your natural habitat to get the inspiration you are looking for.

The architectural design depends mainly on rectangle or square form, as it builds only the foundation on which the structure will stand. When designing architecture, keep in mind that the structure of the mountain is the source of the image of the imaginative design. As far as jewellery design is concerned, the design should be in a rounded form, as it will make jewellery popular, and there should be no poison arrow-like formation, as it is observed that it causes some irritation when worn. When designing jewellery, you can take inspiration from a parasite tree on a host tree, as it is quite amazing.

Regarding aeroplane design, take the design concept from a bird, particularly an eagle. When you are designing a setup for film shooting, just remember that it should be based on a film negative, as somehow this will instil the essence of the film in the viewer’s mind. Designing a website should be done in an occult-based form. This form follows Vastu and Feng Shui. A website is a rectangular form as it has four corners, which are very vital for graphics and text input. The placement of graphics and text should be according to the rules of Vastu and Feng Shui, as it will help to build a successful website.

Therefore, designs can be made from different sources of nature, as long as we do it with ardent respect, and then we make our life more liveable.

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