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The day of Google is coming to an end!


By MD SAKANDERPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
The day of Google is coming to an end!
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ChatGPT's upheaval in the market raises questions about Google's future. While ChatGPT is smarter than the Google search engine, many people doubt how long Google will survive.

Google is one of the largest companies in California's Silicon Valley. The company was dominating the search engine market for 20 years. What is searched in one Google, the collective searching of all other search engines is not even close to it.

Statistics say that every second, one lakh users around the world search for the information they need on Google. Where there are people, there is a market. And the market means the advertising arena. As such, Google has become a paradise for advertising companies.

Whether consumers see ads or not, companies pay big bucks to get a spot on Google's search engine. Google's parent company Alphabet has grown 20 percent since 2011. At this time, excluding all expenses, the profit of the company was 300 billion dollars. It is said that most of the profits come from Google's search engine.

Currently, Google's market value is $1.4 trillion, which makes Google the fourth largest private company in the world.

But the market-shattering adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) chatGPT by a company called OpenAI has recently raised questions about the future of Google's search engine. What's in ChatGPT; A simpler question is: What's not here? In addition to chatting like a human, ChatGPT can instantly write poems or songs, draw pictures, write long essays on history, and answer almost any question. Where Google Search is a structured query, ChatGPT answers all queries through virtual conversation.

According to statistics, the current number of users of ChatGPT, which was launched in November, is 100 million. Many believe that the company will soon surpass TikTok in terms of getting the fastest customers. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, says, "As the necessity of computers and the Internet in people's lives is undeniable, ChatGPTO will also become an excellent means of knowing the necessary information on a daily basis."

Recently, a former Google official, Eric Simid, said, 'ChatGPT proved how artificial intelligence (AI) and humans can become friends overnight. Questions that people used to search on Google, can now be answered by asking ChatGP. Where Google is a do-it-yourself document search tool, ChatGPT acts like an experienced friend; To which, when asked, Fotaft answers. ChatGPT's ease of use poses a major threat to Google.'

It is easily understood that AI has added a new dimension to the world's tech companies. Especially when companies like Microsoft invested $10 billion in open AI on Tuesday (February 7), Google has to sit back and forth. Analysts are saying that this investment of Microsoft is a timely decision to capture the market after Microsoft's search engine Bing has failed to compete with Google for so long. Similarly, since Google is banned in China, their own search engine Baidu is also said to be powered by AI.

Meanwhile, to maintain its position in the market, Google has recently announced to bring its own IE chatbot Bird to the market. Alphabet has already invested 100 million dollars in this project. But the bird seems to be fading away from investors and customers before it can make a splash. Alphabet's share price fell by up to eight percent after the announcement.

Yahoo and Altavista gained popularity as search engines in the market in the nineties. However, the advent of Google's algorithmic search engine in the market in 1998 left Yahoo and Altavista behind within a few years. After that, Google was dominant in the search engine market. Although companies like Niva and U.com came in between, they could not survive Google's cannon. But Amazon's arrival has Google worried. Especially in terms of shopping, if people increase the amount of searching on Amazon instead of Google, Google understands that the company has lost some of its popularity. Apart from this, Google maintained its position by following a large marketing policy to survive against the violence of Apple, Meta or TikTok in the market. However, ChatGPT is not easy, it hit Google first. Many tech analysts say that ChatGPT will be Google's alternative in the future.

Recently, the US research firm eMarketer predicted that the amount of advertising on Google in the United States will decrease by 54 percent this year. Less advertising means less money. And such a danger is knocking at the doorstep of Alphabet. But the e-marketer says that even if Google is in crisis, it will not cease to exist.

What will happen to Google is more important than that, people have entered a new era in technology. Now the search engines are no longer lists, but direct answers. These invented AI technologies will make human work easier. It is now easily conceivable that every search engine will need a touch of AI to survive in the market.

NEW VERSION: This time ChatGPT has outdone itself

The updated version of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has been released recently. From now on, this chatbot can understand 25 thousand words at a time, which is several times more than before. Also added to ChatGPT is the ability to recognize images.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most talked about topic in the world of technology. And its most modern addition is ChatGPT. The updated version 'GPT-4' of this hugely popular artificial intelligence-powered chatbot created by the US technology company OpenAI was released on Tuesday (March 14).

According to the manufacturer, ChatGPT will be more creative and capable in using this newly opened version.

So far this chatbot used 'GPT-Three Point Five' version. This version of the chatbot was limited to text only. However, the new GPT-4 version is capable of understanding image content. If someone gives a picture of the cooking ingredients, it can tell what can be cooked with these ingredients. This chatbot can also write a caption or description for an image.

Another great feature has been added in the updated version of ChatGPT. This version can understand up to 25,000 words at a time, which is 8 times more than the previous version. According to OpenAI, this new version makes ChatGPT more creative and capable of editing tasks than ever before.

In November 2022, ChatGPT, a chatbot with artificial intelligence, was launched in the technology world. It quickly gained popularity. Since then billions of people around the world started using ChatGPT. In addition to ordinary users, various organizations around the world including Microsoft and Snapchat have started using ChatGPT's artificial intelligence technology.

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  • Lucas Rae3 months ago

    ChatGPT is like TikTok and Instagram reels. Convenient to understand the gist of things, but will never replace credible sources like a well-researched article or a book.

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