Into the Dark Web
Into the Dark Web

The Dark Web

The Dark Secrets of the Internet

The Dark Web

**This article contains mature/adult themes and topics and is may not be suitable for some readers. I am also absolutely not at all in any way condoning or promoting illegal activity of any kind. This article is purely for entertainment/informational purposes only.**

You can do just about anything your heart desires on the internet. You can browse through Pinterest, watch YouTube for hours on end, read articles written by teenage girls about criminal activity, the possibilities are actually endless.

Almost endless. There are of course limits to the internet in order to keep us safe and prevent people from being able to easily participate in illegal activities such as selling drugs, trafficking humans, or buying illegal weapons.

But what if I told you that the internet we use every day is the smallest part of the internet? That's right, the surface web only makes up a total of 4 percent of the world wide web.

The surface web (basically any website you could ever find using Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.) only makes up 4 percent of what you can find online.


There are two other parts that make up the hidden internet; the deep web and the dark web.

The deep web is pretty boring and it makes up about 90 percent of the internet as a whole. The reason I say it's pretty boring is because there's nothing there that people really want or care about. It's on the deep web where you can find things like legal, medical, and financial records, and certain scientific and government reports.

Not things people find particularly interesting.

The dark web (the place you should really be afraid of) makes up the remaining 6 percent of the internet. This is where all the illegal activities take place. The sheer act of visiting the dark web alone can get you into a lot of trouble. Two wrong clicks and congratulations! You're now an exclusive member of the FBI and NSA watch list!

With that being said, it's highly advised that you do not visit the dark web.

Now, remember earlier we talked about how you can't access anything on the dark web by using the regular old boring internet. There is, however, a way to access it. You have to download the TOR Onion router in order to access the dark web. This secures your IP address and prevents you from being traced. TOR was originally created for the navy in order to communicate and conceal information through the internet without allowing it to ever come into the public eye.

If you're going to download TOR you need to download it from the official site or you might get scammed.

I'm not providing that link as I am not condoning the use of the dark web.

You also can't access the dark web without the TOR browser or something of the likes so there's also that. You can't just stumble onto the dark web.

The FBI will laugh at you if you tell them you did.

You now have access to the hidden wiki. This is where you find links to the dark web.

Not providing the link to the hidden wiki either. I will, however, tell you that just about every website you look up using the TOR Onion router will end in .Onion.

And for the love of God, if for some reason you need to buy something from the dark web (you don't), you don't buy with a credit card or a debit card, no. You pay in Bitcoin.

Now let's talk about what's on the dark web and why it's so bad. I mean other than the obvious reasons.

Okay, moving on.

**This is where it may start to become graphic. Continue only at your own risk.**

The main services available on the dark web are drugs, weapons, pornography (especially child pornography) is extremely prominent on the dark web, personal information (such as credit card and social security numbers) are available for sale, and services for obtaining fake documentation.

Just to give more of a perspective...

Now this is all very, very, extremely illegal and could land you in prison for a very decent amount of time.

Now, those are only a few services available. You can also hire thieves, hackers, hit men, buy illegal pornography, illegal snuff films, and even access what are known as "red rooms."

"Red rooms" are the supposed live broadcast of a person's torture, rapes, and murders where viewers pay to watch and are able to comment what they would like done to a victim. For the most part these are nothing but hoaxes but they are a very real, very horrific things.

The deep web also houses a network of cannibals that discuss wanting to eat other people or wanting to be eaten themselves. This will only continue to get more disturbing as we continue to discuss the dark web.

There are how to manuals on the most disturbing things possible. People buy and sell things made of human flesh as well as sex dolls made to look like infants. This is where the sickest people in the world hang out.

I promise.

On the other hand you can also botch your manhood with your purchase of a DIY vasectomy kit.

It gets worse.

There are sites dedicated to the KKK and satanism, and yes, some sites do use the dark web as a recruitment tool.

There is a whole network dedicated to human experimentation and torture. I'm talking starvation, sterilization, injecting bleach, chlorine bleach, into pregnant women, and exposing people to dangerous levels of radiation.

The dark web has the capability to scar you emotionally and the things you see will live in your nightmares forever. I strongly advise that you steer clear of the dark web, however, if you do decide to go, you're visiting at your own risk.

This is as far as I'm going because I fear anything else would be too disturbing for not only myself to research but for others to read.

If you wonder why the government hasn't shut down the dark web, it's because the TOR browser itself would have to be erased. This would delete completely legal activities (ex. Facebook has a TOR site for increased user privacy) and if legal activities were prevented, it could violate the rights of citizens, even though almost half (about 45 percent) of the activity on the TOR browser is illegal, you still can't violate the rights of law abiding citizens who would simply like a bit more privacy. It's also so vast that it would take literal years in order to delete and disable all the sites.

I might write an article about the silk road (illegal website on the dark web) and it's demise later if this article does well.

If for some reason in hell you still want to go to the dark web, test your luck and explore, I'll go over staying safe.

  1. Cover your webcam. The last thing you want floating around on the dark web is a photo of your face.
  2. Do not, and I mean do not under any circumstances share any personal information with anyone on the dark web. This means, name, address, email, phone number, do not share any identifying characteristics of yourself or anything about yourself that could be traced.
  3. Use virus protection. This should be a given for obvious reasons.
  4. Don't take part in any illegal activities. This, again, should be a given for obvious reasons.

Once again, I do not condone or promote illegal activities of any kind nor do I suggest visiting the dark web for any reason at all. I wrote this article purely for informational/entertainment purposes only.

I myself have never visited the dark web and collected my research through YouTube and YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and SEA.

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading!

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