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The Customers and the Misuse of Their Stolen Data

by Rob Smith about a year ago in cybersecurity
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Misuse of Their Stolen Data

Everybody you will agree to the fact that cyber security has been one of the most prevalent threats for the corporate market and the customer base alike. This is why; whenever we talk about the cyber security measures taken by the organisations that are being advised by the professionals in this field, they are always directed towards mitigating the immediate effect of these Network breaches and not focusing on the long term effect of the same. This is the reason why there has been a 400% growth if we take a look back at 2018.

But this discussion isn't about the organisations that are being targeted by the cyber attackers; rather, it is about the customers that are being exposed to these criminals and the heinous attacks that they are executing on a global level. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the prominent data that came into picture because of the recently published articles about some of the most trusted sources from around the world.

But as we know we can't exactly jump into the conversation without getting the facts about the gravity of the cyber attacks right. And when we say this, we stress on the practice of making all the customers acquainted with the necessary statistics about cyber security in the year 2020.


We know that there are many articles and reports for the customers that tell them about the severity of cyber attacks. But starting a peace or discussion is important to be inducted by these threatening statistics because these numbers shape the entire analogy. As of now, almost 28% to 33% of the cyber attacks in the world included phishing attempts. This means in every 100 network breaches or malicious attacks on the internet, 30 of them were executed with an intention to nab the personal details of the customers around the world. This can very well show the danger that these attackers are causing for all the customers around.

A rising number of phishing attempts are also an indicator of the lack of professionalism, and increasing leniency, towards regulatory risk management, around the world.

When it comes to the rising risks for the customers, the most haunting figure is that 34% of all the data breaches around the globe, involved internal actors playing the pivotal roles.


According to some of the recently published articles, it is said that 21000 British motorists have been a victim of data theft by the individuals who trade these details on the dark net for entertaining their other services. In other words, the cyber attackers that are targeting most of the influential organisations, are now targeting the customers who are bound to share their professional and personal details such as credit card number, dates of birth, licence numbers, email addresses, and of course the names of all the individuals.

Now, you don't need to be a cyber security consultant to understand the fact that all these details are nothing but a gold mine for cyber attackers who interact on the deep web, on a regular basis.

If you think that such news is the most daunting fact that is being unearthed, it might take you as a surprise if you get to know that the source of these attacks and the main reason behind the whole process of these data being ending up on the deep web is still unclear. But when it comes to the reason why these data are being stolen, everyone who is acquainted with the environment of the dark net is known to it.


When we take a look at the purpose of these stolen data, and if we consider the entire environment of the dark side of the internet, we can see that there are some of the most notorious services like providing fake identity, fake credit card credentials, and some real money, in exchange of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Monero.

We can safely say that all the data that is being stolen is being re-sold to the individuals who want these data for starting other heinous Cyber crimes. And therefore, we can conclude that the cycle of cyber attacks is turning to a never ending process.


You can always take help from professionals like information security consultants and other related organisations. But these daunting figures are a proof of the incapability or negligence of services like general data protection regulation in the UK and around the corporate world. This is why focusing on your security is your responsibility and nobody else's. On a concluding note, focusing on what you exactly are required to do in order to protect yourself from these crimes on the internet, should be your primary concern rather than relying on the professionals who are somehow incapable of sensing these attacks, let alone tackling them with full efficacy.


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Rob Smith

Governance Risk and Compliance Consultant


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