The Chicago Computer Club

by Eugene Nelson Jr about a year ago in product review

My Take on the Chicago Computer Club

Let me start this article by telling you what "The Chicago Computer Club" is. The Chicago Computer Club is a mid-level, full-service computer shop. They service, sell, upgrade, secure, and perform regular maintenance on computers in the Greater Chicago Area. They have stores from the far Southside of Chicago to the far Northside the city. They also have a store in Oak Park and one in South Holland.

The Chicago Computer Club has been operating in Chicago for many years. I myself was a member and loyal customer for over 12 years. You can imagine the kind of relationship I had with the stores that I dealt with. For example, if the store manager or assistant store manager was in the store when I came in, they would always wait on me. That was cool, but whenever anyone else waited on me, it was a bit of a letdown.

The only real issue that The Chicago Computer Club has is that their staff is not trained properly. Only about three out of five of the employees that I've dealt with really knew anything about computers. The rest were like parrots regurgitating some technical jargon that they had heard someone else saying at some earlier part in their lives. This was discerning for me on many occasions when I went to drop off my computer.

They didn’t know what made a computer fast or slow, or how to measure a computer’s memory capacity properly. Nor could they tell me any of the possible ways that could slow down my computer’s overall performance. All of these things are important when you are purchasing a computer, and that's why I started building my own computers.

A computer is a long-lasting investment that will be with you for many years to come, if treated right and taken care of properly. You need to be able to put sensitive and private information on it without worrying whether or not it will breakdown at ay given moment, or if your information is safe and secure. That’s why you must monitor your computer and make sure it is always doing what it should be doing.

If you don't have the time or the skill to do it yourself, you need someone that can. You will need someone with the proper skill sets to keep your computer running in an optimal condition. I didn’t have the time, so that is the reason I had chosen The Chicago Computer Club to take care of my computer when I could not do it myself.

The services offered by The Chicago Computer Club are top notch and are at reasonable prices. They even have a membership program that you can join that gives you a lot of benefits such as Free In-Store Diagnoses and Estimates, Convenient Online Virus Removal, and 5 Percent Off All Product Purchases—just to name a few. It is a great membership and worth every penny. The entire service that they offer is great. I would recommend it to anyone that can’t work on their own computer. Just brace yourself for the staff you encounter.

Lastly, if The Chicago Computer Club wants to continue to lose loyal customers like myself and continue to receive bad write-ups similar to this one, then they are on the right track. But, if The Chicago Computer Club wants to keep its large customer base, they should invest in some training for their entire crew. Everyone working in the store should be able to speak intelligently about the computers they are fixing. This will also go a long way to instill confidence in their customers that they brought their computer to the right place.

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Eugene Nelson Jr
Eugene Nelson Jr
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