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The Biggest Moments in Tech History | Jamil Geor

Jamil Geor on the biggest moments in tech history.

By Jamil GeorPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The 20th and 21st centuries included the rise of technology giants like cell phones, the internet, and social media. Each of these pieces of technology played a vital role in creating today's network. This rise of technology can be seen as a series of steps, with the most significant moments in tech history building on each other.

Section 230 of the Communications Act

In 1996, this new law stated that online websites and applications could not be held legally responsible for their users' content. This aided the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Decrease in Internet Costs

Companies billed for services by the hour when the internet was first invented. This meant if a user spent a lot of time online, it cost them a fortune. In 1996, AT&T introduced a flat rate for the internet of $20 per month.

Development of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When pay-per-click advertising was first developed in 2013, Bill Gross had the idea to charge companies to have their ad appear on the top of a google search. This was later carried over to third-company parties. The practice is still in use by Google today.

The Marriage of the Cell Phone and Camera

Few cell phone users can imagine their phone without its camera. The camera has become such an integral part of everyday phone use that many don't remember a time without it. However, it wasn't until 1997 that Philippe Kahn developed the idea for the digital phone camera.

The Rise of Gmail

Google released its email platform, Gmail, toward the beginning of April. It not only offered significantly more storage than desktop mail, but it also offered an instant search. This upgraded both Google's platform and the capacity for email.

Today's technology is built on a significant number of advances made in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Without these advancements, the technology people know today would not be the same. Not only did decreasing internet costs and new policies make digital expansion possible, but technological advances like the combination of a cell phone and camera made technology more functional.


About Jamil Geor

Living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, Jamil Geor is a skilled entrepreneur, tech professional, and software developer who has more than two decades of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups to build and deliver software solutions. Now serving as the Director of Pattern, a software and technology consulting firm, Jamil Geor first started building the foundation of his knowledge and career at Auckland University of Technology – the third-largest university in New Zealand – where he enrolled in 1997. During his academic career, Jamil studied Business Computing and Applied Science with a specialization in Software Development.

While a student, Jamil worked with AA Insurance Ltd. as an Analyst Programmer who developed solutions and help manage IT infrastructure. Jamil Geor co-founded Cereteq Ltd. in 2002, where he worked as a Developer, offering psychometric and data analysis tools to enterprises both large and small throughout New Zealand. Later, Jamil left to join Deep Animation – where he started as a 3D Animator and Developer it was here that he started working for Go Virtual Medical as a Lead Developer. In this role, which he held for nearly three years, Jamil was responsible for developing and designing most of the platform code for his project while also assisting other developers.

From there, Jamil joined Ogilvy NZ Limited as a Senior Developer before joining SIMTICS in 2009 as Principal Architect. His duties included software architecture, project management, and managing customer and third-party relationships and day-to-day developments. In January 2011, he left SIMTICS Ltd. to found Pattern, a software development consultancy, which he has been running for the past decade.

As someone who’s dedicated most of his career to working in software development, Jamil Geor loves that the industry is always changing. He’s always developing new things and learning more about new business problems by understanding how organizations operate differently. Since there are constantly new developments and improvements, there are always new things to learn and more innovative ways to solve problems and create solutions.

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