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Are you missing your books amidst all the gadgets that you carry?

By The Bookish ElfPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

While most book lovers are of the mind to only read the paper text, it is widely uncommon that a paper book will always be handy. Our phones, however, have become so commonplace that the literary world has taken action to become more accessible. These apps for book lovers have undeniably made the cut as the web’s favorites for 2020.

Audible – The Best Audiobook App by Amazon

The Audible app is for book lovers who like to listening over reading books — or readers who commute on crowded trains where listening to a book is more feasible than looking down at your phone and read for 45 minutes at a time. Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the market. With great books read by both their authors and Hollywood celebrities, like the Barack Obama narrating his biography A Promised Land or Rosamund Pike reading of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. or The Dutch House narrated by Tom Hanks.

Audible apps offers audiobooks for every type of book lovers. Whatever your favourite genre or authors, there’s a perfect audiobook for you. You can listen to A-list celebrities narrate their favourite stories, original & exclusive audiobooks, full-cast performances, and more.Amazon Audible - The best app for Audio books

Audible offers 30-days free trial. With this 30-day Audible free trial, you’ll get one free audiobook to begin with, plus another two Audible Original audiobooks. If you’re not happy with your initial selections, then you can swap them, free of charge – and they’re yours to keep, forever. You can also cancel the trial at any time and still have full access to your free Audible ebooks.

Click here to get your 30-days free trial of Audible.

Good Reads (iOS, Android)

This app is excellent if you want to cut back on time, searching for your new favorite book. With its convenient scan function, getting reviews in a flash. With their easy to use bookshelf, frequently updated most popular lists, and the monthly reading challenge, this is one of the best apps for book lovers and their friends.

*In-app purchases: cost of books.

WattPad (iOS, Android)

If you are a prospective author but do not know how to bridge the gap between you and your awaiting audience, Wattpad is for you. This app not only encourages new authors. It allows them access to people who will help them take their craft far. They boast a track record of supporting some of the recently famous writers of series such as the kissing booth and After. They also work with big-name publishers such as Simon and Schuster to ensure that their writers are taken care of and get the desired feedback. If you are just a reader, this app allows you to connect with your favorite new authors and get first-hand updates when their new book drops. It is one of the best apps for book lovers and writers.

*In-app purchases: Wattpad premium 5.99 a month 59.99 a year

Inkitt (iOS, Android)

Another app that would benefit amateur writers is Inkitt. They state that they are the world’s first Reader powered publisher and have a lot of publications under its belt. While similar to Wattpad, this app has functions for the book lovers that set it apart. Their profiles are customizable to a favorite genre, so you are always getting fresh updates on books you will not be able to put down. Reader screens are also customizable, so you will not cause strain while reading the day away.

*In-app purchases: none listed

Galatea (iOS, Android)

The sister app to Inkitt, Galatea, takes the reading experience to a new level. Adding sound effects and music, the Reader will match the characters’ emotions; they will feel like they are along for the journey. All authors are published through Inkitt and Galatea and receive royalties while increasing their fan base.

In-app purchases: 7 tier packages starting at $1.99-$99

Serial Reader (iOS, Android)

Maybe you are a book lover but never got around to showing love to the classics. Well, this app has you covered. With a simple format and a calculated approach, you can sail through even the most considerable classical literature. Serial Reader categorizes books that can already be found online for free and splits them into multiple sections so that readers can take in each book as small portions, so they don’t get overwhelmed with antiquated themes or speech.

*In-app purchases: $2.99 one-time fee

Kobo (iOS, Android)

Listed as a one-stop-shop for eBooks, and audiobooks Kobo’s classic bookshelf look is user-friendly and stylish. With 6 million titles (and rising), Kobo is one of the best apps that offers book lovers access to a wide array of genres and even has featured eBooks at a discount for readers on a budget.

*In-app purchases: the price of books and audiobooks

Aldiko (iOS, Android)

If you find yourself having a high quantity of differently formatted eBooks but no way of opening them, Aldiko might be the app for you. This app enables users to access all different formats, even encrypted books, and store them on a simple interface to be accessed and enjoyed. Customized page set up comes in the base format so you can read in comfort day or night.

*In-app purchases: $2.99 one-time fee for premium

Oodles (iOS, Android)

Oodles is a free eBook and audiobook provider that works off of access to public domain literature. This app gives readers access to several titles in various languages, including Spanish, English, French, and Russian. Its book titles and niche page-turning animation will provide people with the old world feel they are after.

*In-app purchases: $4.50-$4.99 to access ad-free copies

ComiXology (iOS, Android)

This app was created with the comic book lover in mind. If you desire a comic, they carry it, from marvel, leading lady, to Manga and Martial Arts. With crisp animation, these books will be enjoyed without the worry of creased pages and accidental spills, and with a small fee each month, they offer up to a 15% discount on some of your favorite titles!

*In-App purchases: $5.99 a month membership and cost of comic books

Commaful (iOS, Android)

Suppose you find yourself with a short window of time to kill head on over to commaful. This app is based entirely on short stories, poetry, and short fan fiction stories. With a layout similar to our favorite social media sites, you will scroll through thousands of stories leaving likes and encouragements to the authors you liked the best. Each tale is backdropped by exciting photos and drawings to lure the reader and make the reading experience fun and exciting.

*In-app purchases: none listed

Spellbinding (iOS, Android)

From the creators of Commaful comes their sister company Spellbinding. This free app includes the same short story feel that you know and love with an animation that follows you through the information taking all the guesswork out of character or space description. This fun and interactive app, while new, is sure to pick up steam with a wide variety of story lovers.

*In-app purchases: subscriptions starting at $2.99-$49.99

Blinkest (iOS, Android)

If you find yourself needing an eBook, audiobook, textbooks, or short stories, this is the app for you. Its various features include a key insights section that highlights any book’s critical elements and themes, enabling you to get the book’s main point in 15 mins—thus being the perfect companion for anyone crammed for time. With its easy accessible interface, it allows you to access test podcasts and shows so that artists can get live feedback to know whether their idea will be a success or not.

*In-app purchases: membership fees of $15.99 a month or $99.99 a year

Epic (iOS, Android)

An app that is directed solely at the kids is a catch all for children’s books. From Suess to Silverstein, there is something for any young book lovers. Its interface set up with large colorful icons with easy-to-use menus also has parental access so you can check up on your child’s progress.

*In-app purchases: $9.99 Monthly fee for up to 4 accounts

Marvin 3 (iOS)

For all of you avid Apple users, this is an app that is all your own. Marvin 3 is a well-liked book app that allows various features like its classically clean book organizer home screen and the ability to highlight, magnify, and annotate during reading. With simple to use menus and access to millions of books, this is a staple app that everyone should have on their phones.

*In-app purchases: Premium Membership for $4.99

Scribd (iOS, Android)

Last on our list is Scribd for book, magazine, and audiobook junkies; this is the app you need in your life. This subscription-based digital library gives you access to millions of titles, and you do not have to pay enormous fees for them. With a reasonable membership fee, Scribd ensures you access to what you are looking for.

*In-app purchases: Membership fee $9.99 a month


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