The Benefits of Having a Hand Dryer in Every Bathroom

Are hand dryers that useful?

The Benefits of Having a Hand Dryer in Every Bathroom

Deciding between installing a hand dryer and installing a paper towel dispenser in your bathroom can be a difficult choice. It may seem like a better option to take the easy route and go for paper towels because you do not want to pay the exponentially hefty price tag of hand dryers. However, there are some definite benefits of getting a hand dryer that may change your mind.


Buying hand dryers will cost you a pretty penny, initially. However, if you calculate the expenses that a hand dryer will cost you versus paper towels, you will find that in the long run, paper towels will cost you way more. This makes hand dryers more cost-efficient than any other drying method out there. In fact, even when considering future maintenance, hand dryers are still less expensive than constantly purchasing paper towels.


There is no doubt that hygiene is an important factor to take into consideration when deciding on what appliances you need to have in your bathroom. A hand dryer uses a blast of hot air to dry your hands and simultaneously kills off bacteria and other microorganisms that cannot handle such intense heat. Hand dryers also do not require a person to touch them nowadays; most modern hand dryer brands utilize motion sensors to turn them on. Limiting the need for touching the appliance makes the whole process much more hygienic than any other drying technique.

Environmentally Friendly

Because pollution is constantly on the rise, you might be concerned about how your actions affect the environment and the planet as a whole. If this is a factor that concerns you personally, then rest assured that investing in a hand dryer is going to be a lot more environmentally friendly than paper towels. Products made of tissue paper are used only one time, then thrown away, and they are also consumed fairly quickly. This means that many trees are cut down to make even more single-use paper towels. Furthermore, the process of creating paper towels and transporting the products leaves a significant carbon footprint.

Getting an electric hand-dryer does not require constant destruction of trees, and because there is no need for transportation costs, and thus no use of fossil fuels, your carbon footprint will not be as bad. Keeping the planet in better shape is something that everyone should strive to do, and you can do your part by making sure that you are not contributing to the avoidable waste.

Less Manual Labor

If you have a limited number of people on staff or you want to decrease the costs of staffing, then getting a hand dryer is the way to go. Having a hand dryer stops you from needing staff to constantly refill paper towels, and take out trash multiple times daily. Basically, you won’t need as many people hired, which takes us back to the fact that hand dryers are more cost-efficient. Hiring fewer people means less money paid in the form of wages, which means fewer expenses for you in the long run.

No More Clogging

Believe it or not, vandalism is quite common in the toilets, no matter where they are. Some people may enjoy vandalizing the toilets and do not care that they might be causing more trouble than a laugh is worth. One of the most common pranks teenagers and troublemakers try to do is clogging the sink and toilets with paper towels. It is more common than you think, and not only is it a hassle to clean up, it may also lead to professional maintenance for your bathroom, which will add to expenses that you’d much rather avoid.

You do not have to fret about this too much though, because you can avoid this mess quite easily. If you purchase a hand dryer, you limit the chances of people clogging up your sink and toilets. This will also decrease the chances of anyone clogging the toilet or sink accidentally when trying to get rid of their used paper towels. That said, bathrooms with paper towel dispensers are more likely to require frequent cleaning, as some individuals may litter the floor with them.

Now that you understand these five benefits of getting a hand dryer for your bathroom, you might want to start looking for different hand dryer brands, as well as specifications that you would want. Remember that although the initial cost for a hand dryer may be a turn off because of how pricey it can be, it is well worth it.

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