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Technologies: The LLM technology behind ChatGPT's success

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in December 2022 has attracted an incredible amount of attention. This curiosity extends from AI in general to the category of technologies that support AI chat bots In particular.

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These models, called large language models ( LLMs ), are able to generate text about a set of no Seemingly endless topics. LLMs are key to understanding how ChatGPT and what makes LLMsImpressive is its ability to generate human-like text in virtually any language (including coding). These models are a real innovation as there was nothing like it in the past.

This article will explain what these models are, how they are developed, and how they work. That is, to the extent that we understand how they work. As it turns out, our understanding of why they work so eerily is only partial.

The big language model is a kind of neural network

A neural network is a type of machine learning model based on a number of small mathematical functions called nervous cells. Like neurons in the human brain, it is the lowest level of computation.

Each neuron is a simple mathematical function that computes an output based on some input. However, the power of a neural network comes from the connections between neurons.

Each neuron is connected to some of its peers, and the strength of each connection is quantified by a numerical weight. They determine the degree to which the output of one neuron will be taken into account as the input of the next neuron .

The neural network can be very small. For example, a basic person could have six neurons with a total of eight connections between them. However, a neural network can also be very large, as can LLMs These may contain millions of neurons with hundreds of billions of connections between them, with each connection has its own weight.

LLM uses an adapter architecture

We already know that LLM is a type of neural network. More specifically, LLMs a specific neural network architecture called an adapter, which is designed to process and generate data sequentially, like text.

Architecture in this context describes how neurons communicate with each other. All neural networks group their neurons into a number of different layers. If there are many layers, the network is described as "deep," which is where it comes in Hence the term "deep learning".

In a very simple neural network architecture, each neuron may be connected to every neuron in the layer above it. In other cases, neurons may only be connected to some other nearby neurons in the brain the network.

GPT-4 revolution

GPT -4 is an intelligent combination of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. It is an AI-powered chatbot that helps users create content.

GPT -4 is the perfect solution for companies or customers who want an efficient and personalized experience when doing business with Customer service agents. This powerful AI-based system enables users to have natural conversations that feel like they are interacting with Human customer service representative.

GPT -4 makes communication easy and intuitive with its user-friendly design. Through this AI-based system, users can enjoy natural conversations that feel like... You interact with a real human being.

What's more - GPT -4 offers businesses powerful tools like:

Automated scenario management capabilities

Create and generate the automatic response

With its ease of use, increased accuracy of communication, and customer-facing benefits, the AI-powered chatbot has become popular increasingly among companies of all sizes.

What's new in this version of GPT -4?

Whether it's creativity, collaborative ingenuity, editing, iteration or technical writing, ChatGPT 4 It is +1 in every term from previous versions.

“We spent 6 months making GPT -4 safer and more compatible.” GPT -4 is 100% less vulnerable. 82 % more likely to respond to requests for disallowed content and 40 % more likely to produce realistic responses from GPT -3.5 in our internal ratings, citing OpenAI .

OpenAi also said ChatGPT -4 outperformed previous versions in some tests by scoring much higher .

ChatGPT 4 chatbot will allow users to interact with AI more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, users will have the ease of producing content in their own style as ChatGPT can recognize User writing styles and understanding.

ChatGPT 4 uses natural language processing technologies to provide results with maximum accuracy. Therefore, it is much more reliable in terms of producing legitimate results in a timely manner.

The AI-driven platform is highly advanced and sophisticated, but also intuitive enough for users to know how the technology works within minutes. With this powerful system, companies can create personalized conversations that feel like they're talking to an actual human actor - No matter where they are in the world!

1. Image recognition

A major feature of the new ChatGPT 4 is image recognition. Previous versions of ChatGPT were only effective at recognizing and understanding text, but with the new version, it will be able to Users can also create content through images.

2. pricing.

Another big difference between ChatGPT 4 and the previous OpenAI ChatGPT is the subscription price. Current subscription to Chat GPT 4 is $20 per month in India and USA for ChatGPT 4 Much higher cost than previous versions of ChatGPT Artificial intelligence experts also suggest it One should try ChatGPT first before trying ChatGPT 4.

3. Multilingual capabilities.

Compared to the previous ChatGPT version, ChatGPT 4 carries great multilingual capabilities. According to reports, ChatGPT answer MSQs from around 26 languages.

4‭. .‬Steerablity

A new feature that was not available in previous versions is steerability. ChatGPT 4 Steerability allows users to customize the behavior of the AI. So, you can now make the AI ​​chatbot understand your commands more accurately.

Technologies: Can Universities Discover ChatGPT?

If you're looking into whether AI can help you with articles, you might be wondering - Can Chat GPT be detected by Turnitin ?

Chat GPT , an advanced model of artificial intelligence language, can generate human-like responses to typed text. It is used for various purposes, including helping people to communicate more effectively, and assisting in... customer service, and even writing news articles.

However, there is a question many people ask: Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT ?

How does Turnitin ?

Turnitin is a software application widely used by educational institutions to check plagiarism in student assignments. It compares the work against a database of previously submitted work.

Furthermore, it compares this work with other online resources to identify any cases of plagiarism . Turnitin has become a valuable tool for instructors and professors to ensure academic integrity.

Can ChatGPT by Turnitin ?

The short answer is no; Turnitin capture any GPT Chat text . This is because Chat GPT is not a previously submitted work or an online resource.

Turnitin compares student assignments to current resources. But Chat GPT generates unique responses based on the input it receives. Therefore, Turnitin is unable to detect the use of Chat GPT . However, this may change in the future.

Why is this important?

Turnitin may still discover the use of Chat GPT , especially as technological developments move towards validating tools And ways to separate work created by artificial intelligence and created by people. Students need to use academic integrity when completing assignments.

Using Chat GPT to write an entire paper would be plagiarism. Students need to understand that using AI in this way is not a substitute for their academic work and thinking skills cash.

How can instructors discover the use of GPT ?

While Turnitin can't detect Chat GPT usage , there are other ways instructors can Use it to determine the use of artificial intelligence in students' assignments.

One way is to analyze the language and writing style. Chat GPT has a certain style and may use certain phrases or words that are not typical of student writing.

Instructors can ask students to explain certain concepts or ideas in their own words to determine if they agree They really understand the material.

Ethical implications of using GPT )

The use of artificial intelligence in academic writing raises important ethical questions. However, GPT a useful tool for students who struggle to express themselves their thoughts.

He can cheat or make typing shortcuts. It is critical that students understand these ethical implications before using and using Chat GPT responsibly. Source - In Akhbar alkhaleej , Dr. Jassem Hajji

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