SwagBucks - Scam or Legit?

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SwagBucks - Scam or Legit?

What is SwagBucks? It's a popular cryptocurrency website the promises you all kinds of gift cards in return for filing out surveys and other various activities that helps both new and old companies get data and sell products. I have successfully redeemed virtual gift cards from SwagBucks... the real question is, is SwagBucks even worth your time?

The Surveys

I would like to highly recommend not spending too much time trying the surveys, if any at all. More often than not, I get told halfway that this survey isn't compatible... and then I only get one sympathy SwagBuck. However, I have tried online dating apps that rejected my Swag Bucks... and I still noticed a sudden increase in dating app ads, so even though they are taking information from the survey, I was denied my Swag Bucks.

Other Ways to Earn SwagBucks

  • Daily Poll
  • "Cash Back" when Shopping
  • Various Promotions
  • Watch Videos
  • Swago
  • Daily Promo Codes
  • Searching the Web (using their ad-filled browser)
  • Grocery Receipt Scanner

I want to let you know right away that watching videos for SwagBucks isn't worth it. The "Cash Back" when shopping can be an easy way to earn SwagBucks, and sometimes a lot of SwagBucks... but you have to wait two weeks before you actually get the SwagBucks. The daily poll is certainly an easy way to earn a SwagBuck... but that's it, you get one SwagBuck per day. The various promotions almost alway involve spending real money. Sometime it's worth it, sometimes not so much. However, almost all of them involve automatic subscriptions, so remember to cancel your subscription almost as quickly as you just set up the account. It always bothered me that they set it up to re-order without even asking you.

The Rewards

The rewards certainly look glamorous, and they come in a wide variety of stores. There is even a PayPal option, which I always thought was pretty cool. However, I mostly just get Starbucks and Amazon virtual gift cards.

Legit - However, only barely. Swagbucks may not be worth your time.

Once you redeem your rewards, there is a painfully long process to get your new gift certificate. First you have to approve the redemption by e-mail, which is sent right away. Then, it takes "up to 10 days" for the next approval e-mail to be sent to you. Yes, there are two approval e-mails. It also seems to live pretty honestly with that 10 day wait; I have never had one sent to me in only a few days. If you forget about the second e-mail, which I often do, it will expire and you have to wait a few days for your points to be refunded... then try again. Which means another "up to 10 days" wait. Even then, sometimes I get a message back saying that they are "sold out" of that specific gift card. I'm totally sure how you can be sold out of a gift card... but it took another few days to get my points refunded.

I have tried other cryptocurrency websites that give you your reward almost right away, so I know there is no need for this kind of delay.

If you do still want to try Swag Bucks, please use think link to help support me. I would really appreciate it if you do.

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